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The Alliance for Happy Evolution And Defence

AHEAD Official Flag

AHEAD Motto: "Peace and Flob!"
Team Color Multicolor (pref. Orange)
Founded August 17, 2007
Prime Minister Aparte of Bouvetia
Minister of War Sigrid of Crysta
Minister of Economy Iron Chef of Kitchen Stadium
Minister of Foreign Affairs Sigrid of Crysta
Minister of Intelligence Iron Chef of Kitchen Stadium
Minister of Internal Affairs Aparte of Bouvetia
Minister of Justice Iron Chef of Kitchen Stadium
Minister of Public Relations Sigrid of Crysta
Minister of Recruiting and Propaganda Sigrid of Crysta


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Protector Alliance Mostly Harmless Alliance
Declaration of Neutrality Green Protection Agency

About AHEAD[]

The Alliance for Happy Evolution And Defence (AHEAD) is a Multicolour Neutral Alliance (with preference for the Orange Trade sphere).
it is currently Protected by the Mostly Harmless Alliance. Click The AHEAD Constitution for information on the Constitution


The newly established AHEAD is being created with the intent to be a (loosely Orange) neutral Alliance.


Red Protection Agency and The Universal Protection Agency are the previous names of AHEAD.
The Red Protection Agency was founded on August, 17th, 2007. The name changed to The Universal Protection Agency on September, 4th. Finally, the AHEAD name was officially adopted on October, 15th


Why one should choose to be Ahead

Independence is good[]

We personally feel that any Nation would be fine for themselves. The taste for independence is strong in CyberNations, and we share it. However, complete independence is dangerous to the point of being unfeasibile.

Unluckily, an unaligned Nation will not be able to grow beyond a certain size, due to the increasing amount of raids they will have to face. While little, one is hidden in the mass, but bigger Nations are almost always in some Alliance; thus the relatively few unaligned are heavily targeted. Even an Alliance, if little, won't be safe from a certain point on.

Concerns about Alliances[]

But, an Alliance can constitute a problem as well. Many Nations, and certainly most Alliance leaders, don't think twice before engaging in a war. This means that their affiliates may have to face heavy destruction, sooner or later, if not even complete erasion ("Zero Infrastructure -ing"). Also, unskilled leadership - that is common in little-medium isolationist Alliances - can attract unwanted and hostile action from the politically active big Alliances (the "Sanctioned").

The RIGHTS you have[]

There is the need for independence, the need for protection, the need for freedom and peace. Actually, we at AHEAD think that these should be considered rights. We have been born exactly to give an opportunity to exercise those rights, while still having a pleasant, amusing, happy experience of the game of life (= of "the game").

How AHEAD can help you In AHEAD, every Ruler and Nation is free: the independence of each is our first goal. We believe that no one can judge about one's best choices, better than that one that has to choose.

We believe that everyone should be protected. We share our knowledge about being "READY", we protect with each other, we don't go to war. AHEAD has never dragged its members in any war. We won't start anytime in the future!

Your opportunity[]

If you want to safely develop, or you like exciting (constructive) challenges, AHEAD is probably your best choice.

The Alliance for Happy Evolution And Defence is also looking for Leaders with a high profile. We offer many opportunities for active people, as we have open governmental and official positions. If you think you can help us in developing, recruiting, defending, planning, have a look at our forum.

If instead you just want to grow your Nation, be aware that we're not going to engage in wars: our Neutral stance and our internal democracy both grant a peaceful status.

We provide tools and hints to any member; generous economic aid is given to active members; we have a good Tech Deals system; we have Aid programs for recruiters.

Members that just want to silently develop will be happily left on their own, while still enjoying their right for protection. The fact is, that we believe in volountarism, education and everyone's consciousness. Active members will be even more welcome!

Signing up[]

Interested? Register and Sign up now! Cyber Nations may apply in the Applications section of AHEAD forums.

Currently they are recruiting for all nations interested.

Frequently Asked Questions[]

  1. Q. Why is AHEAD different? Why should I join it?
     A. AHEAD is the only Constitutional Democracy in CyberNations. Most Alliances have their Charters, but most of these just state:
         * Who is in power.
         * How the power will be used.
         * Commitment to mutual defence.
     Generally, there's not much else.
     Very few Alliances are democratic, in the sense that they elect their government. And even among these, many let the general membership elect only the lower Officials; others use elections but discourage a civil and open discussion within them, thus effectively voiding the real chance of a democratic life.
     With the only possible exception of the Green Protection Agency, AHEAD is probably the only democracy with a real written commitment that protects the rights of their members.
     The Members of AHEAD are encouraged to express and show their full potential, as Nations and as the individuals that are behind them. The members of almost all the other Alliances are not free from the fear of being expelled and destroyed because their masters don't like their individuality.
  2. Q. What will I get by joining AHEAD?
     A. First of all, AHEAD can give you a real challenge: try and express your potential, especially in the diplomacy and political aspects of "the game".
     AHEAD also offers:
         * A community: if you like our ideals, in AHEAD you will find many individuals to share your views with.
         * Protection: we defend each other. We share our knowledge about "being ready". No AHEAD Nation has ever even been attacked this far.
         * Economic growth: while no Aid is promised upon joining (we don't need opportunists), small Members always got it (the minimum is 500,000, I believe). Also, our Tech Deal programs and resources allow our Nations to get an additional income of up to 5-9 Millions per month.
         * Political life and Diplomacy: every AHEAD Member can run in our elections. We always have open diplomatic positions with foreign entities.
     However, Rulers that came here for getting Aid, should consider this: there are many Alliances in the "Cyberverse", and many offer lots of economic resources, or military might, or both. AHEAD is still a little Alliance, that - though heading for consistent growth - can't be compared to them. It would be stupid of us to promise wonders to anybody.
     We believe that in AHEAD one can find much more freedom, voice, involvement, participation, interesting tasks and responsibilities than in most of said "big" Alliances. But if you're not interested in all of this, don't join!
  3. Q. Are there any tests to take or required reading to join?
     A. There aren't tests to be in AHEAD; members are required to accept a few agreements and, though nobody will check that they read them, it would be wise for Applicants to read what they agree with!
  4. Q. Do I pay any money to the alliance for being a member?
     A. Of course not.
     Members with big Nations are welcome to offer their aid to the smallest members.
  5. Q. How big is the alliance?
     A. At the moment we write this, AHEAD is 16 members wide. You can check the real-time stats here.
  6. Q. Is Foreign Aid available?
     A. Most new members receive a "start-up" amount of cash. Willing members can participate in our Tech Deal program (ASPECT) and make 5 to 9 millions of net profit per month.
     Willing members can become recruiters and make cash from it, under our "Recruiting Prize" conditions.
     Finally, any Nation in need can ask for cash and we will do our best to help (nobody ever complained this far...)
  7. Q. Are Trade Circles avalable?
     A. AHEAD is a multi-color Alliance (with a preference for Orange), therefore it wouldn't have much meaning to establish Trade Circles.
     However, we are in good terms with some Orange Alliances that do Trade Circles and Orange AHEAD Nations can participate in them.
     Finally, we have a Trade Agreements help (that includes a downloadable tool) that is "guaranteed" to help finding good stable Trading partners in little time.
  8. Q. Is game help avalable?
     A. The members forums contain many help, information and hints.
     We are also very close to our members and a few members are very active on our board: any question gets an answer in an acceptable time (hours/days).
  9. Q. Should I change my Team Color when joining AHEAD?
     A. At AHEAD we have a semi-official Colour: Orange. Anyway, it's not strictly required to switch to that, if one already has good Trades in another colour. Each member is encouraged to at least make long-term plans to switch to Orange.
 10. Q. Does my type of government matter?
     A. You can have any kind of government you wish.
 11. Q. Why there are no open Application threads?
     A. Because we archive the threads of the people that got in. And, nobody was rejected this far.
 12. Q. How old is AHEAD?
     A. AHEAD was founded on August, 17th, 2007, but at that time it had a different name.
     For some foreign affairs issues that would take too much time to explain, we changed through another second name, and finally took the AHEAD name on October, 15th, 2007.


The AHEAD looks for cooperation and diplomacy with any entity in the Cyberverse.
The AHEAD main goal is development through peace; any CN entity that should have issues about anything regarding the AHEAD, is encouraged to contact the AHEAD Officials and to seek for an agreement. Since the AHEAD members are still few, some delay can be expected in handling the communication.

AHEAD currently has no treaties in place, and is a protectorate of Mostly Harmless Alliance.


The AHEAD Constitution The AHEAD Constitution is with this announcement officially published.

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