Alliances are player created and maintained and function almost completely outside of the game mechanics (excepting the Alliances statistics screen). They are primarily defense (and sometimes aggression) pacts between nations. Any player may ask to join any alliance, but it is up to the individual alliances who they admit. Many of the player created alliances attempt to gain "control" over particular teams, but not all. This gives the various alliances a color identity and an opportunity to gain population happiness by trading with one another in the game. Single color alliances also have the ability to gain Senate seats on their team, giving special bonuses to their top nations. Most teams have multiple alliances within them.

There are a few in game screens in the World Statistics page that provide statistics and detail player created alliances. For more information on Alliances see the Alliances Category. Also visit the Cyber Nations alliance forums for more information.

Benefits of an Alliance Edit

Most nations view their alliance as extremely useful for the growth, development, and protection of their nation. There are many different alliances and each brings with it many different benefits. However, most alliances grant your nation protection when you are attacked and aid when you truly need it. In addition, alliances can provide a fun place to communicate with other people, develop strategy, and engage in global politics. Most alliances have off-site forums of their own where their members can communicate.

Possible reasons to avoid joining an alliance Edit

That being said, an alliance may cost your nation some freedoms as well. Very few alliances will allow you to attack other nations at whim, and those that do generally get demolished when one of their members attacks another (and usually bigger) alliance. In most alliances, nations need permission to go to war before attacking another nation. If you wish the right to go to war, check with your alliance first. Some alliances, such as Global Alliance and Treaty Organization and the New Pacific Order prevent attacking smaller nations for "tech raids", for example. You may also be required (or at least highly encouraged) to attack opponents of your alliance and give aid to other alliance members. Some alliances even have Nuclear Weapons policies, where their members can only use Nuclear weapons upon permission of the alliance government or in defense of their own nation or the alliance.

Sanctioned Alliances Edit

An alliance sanction is given to the top 12 alliances on Planet Bob. These alliances may be chosen by new members in the drop-down menu. There are other benefits to them as well; sanctioned alliances who can remain so for more than 12 days will be able to upload a custom flag of their choice to CN and will be able to upload a pip on the Cyber Nations forums.

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