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All-Russia State Television and Radio Company
Former typeMedia: TV and radio.
DefunctNTV-network, USSR State Television Company, USSR Radio, Radio Moskva
HeadquartersMoscow, Russian Federation
Area servedRussian Federation
Revenue2009: 168 million roubles
Owner(s)Stock company (government owned)

The government-owned All-Russia State Television and Radio Company (Russian: Всероссийская государственная телевизионная и радиовещательная компания) operates most of media output in the Russian Federation. Foreign channels has to acquire a license of broadcast in every subject of the Russian Federation. Foreign channels may not transmit in the national network.



Intervision was an East European network of radio and television broadcasters in the former socialist countries in Eastern Europe with the primary purpose of establishing ties and securing an interchange of information between those various organizations responsible for broadcasting services, promoting the interests of broadcasting, seeking by international cooperation a solution to any matter relating to broadcasting, and studying and working out all measures having as their aim the development of broadcasting.

When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991 and the entire socialist system with it effectively ending the Soviet hegemony in Eastern Europe, most of the countries in the Warsaw Pact left the Intervision Broadcasting Union and joined other organisations. Also the newly independent Russian SFSR (soon to be Russian Federation) left the co-operation. However that when the VRGTRK was formed in the end of 1991 it took over all physical equipment formerly used by the Intervision company and 1993 the Intervision was reborn in form of a broadcasting network owned by the All-Russia State Television and Radio Company.


Planeta is the younger sister network of Intervision, it operates in the 4th generation satellite-transmission system. It has global coverage since March 2009.

Planeta also operates the pay-tv +(plyus) channels of Rossiya Sport and Rossiya Kultura.


Rossiya 1[]


is an international Russian-language news channel. It covers major national and international events with a Russian perspective and a focus on domestic issues. The channel aspires to give a broad and impartial outline of life in all of Russia’s regions from its European enclave of Kaliningrad to Vladivostok in the Far East.

Rossiya Kultura[]

Kultura offers a wide range of culture programs both from Russia and abroad. The vast majority of programmes are in Russian, however a few of the programs are of foreign origin (English or German) but they are generally subtitled to Russian, rarely programs are dubbed to Russian.

Rossiya Kultura Plus is an optional extra working in the Planeta satellite system. It offers extended coverage of different events and a few extra programs, most of which are of foreign origin.