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His Excellency
Alfred von Schliefen
Chief of General Staff
Alfred von Schliefen

Assumed office
27th March 2009
Monarch Kaiser Frederick II
Preceded by Position Established
Succeeded by Incumbent

Minister of Justice of Tenarra
In office
October 14th, 1982 – March 15th, 2009
Preceded by Karl Muhr
Succeeded by Position Disestablished

Born 01/16/1956
TenarranFlag Ghashi, Tenarra
Nationality Prussian
Political party MonarchistFaction Monarchist Faction
Residence Palace of Quarthe
Signature AlfredSignature

Alfred von Schliefen (Formally: His Excellency, Alfred von Schliefen, Lord of the Union) is the first and current Chief of General Staff of the Prussian Empire and the Head of House von Schliefen. Among his other titles he is the; ceremonial Emperor of the Prussian Empire; General Chancellor of the Dominion; Grand Commander of the Imperial Military; General of the National Army; Lord of the Palace of Quarthe; Protector of the States; and Guardian of the Order of JBRica. As the ceremonial Emperor of the Empire and Chief of General Staff, he is the Head of State and Government, with powers both foreign and domestic.

Von Schliefen was born on the 16th of January, 1956, in the city of Ghashi, Tenarra. He went to secondary school, and graduated early. He received an invite to study at the prestigious Royal Military Academy of Tenarra, and studied Law, Military Strategy, and Political Science there.

After graduating from the Military Academy, von Schliefen entered work in the Ministry of Justice of Tenarra. He served there in multiple positions, until he gained the position of Minister in 1982, becoming one of the most influential and long-serving people to serve in that position since its establishment. He was also one of the two Ministers who held roles in the Imperialist Union of Tenarra.

Von Schliefen was the catalyst of the formation of the Imperialist Faction from the Imperialist Union during the Tenarran Civil War. Using his experience of Military Strategy from his studies at the Royal Military Academy, as well as from some military tours Tenarra was involved in, he led the military forces of the Imperialist Faction. Cooperating with Hans Grosse, then Minister of War of Tenarra, von Schliefen was able to secure victory in the Civil War.

Following the end of the Civil War, the Imperial Dominion of Prussia was established, with von Schliefen holding the greatest power as Chief of General Staff.

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