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Alexander Totmann, known to most only as Bundesland. He rules over the nation of Bundesland with a merciless thrist for conquest, causing his people to often refer to him as "Der Eroberer" in German, their native tongue, or "The Conqueror" in English. Most notably known in his nation for his destruction of the Barbarian tribes who inhabited the territory around Bundesland's largest city, Düsseldorf, with the 13th Alexanderon Infantry Regiment. He maintains a small profile in international politics, except for his resignation from the NPO after the NPO-ODN war broke out, as the NPO would not seek peace. Der Eroberer keeps an ever vigilant watch over the capitol from his palace on the shores of the Eisenstrom, the river of iron that flows beside the border of Alexanderon which the god Admin sailed down during the formation of the world.

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