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His Imperial Majesty
Alexander Hamil I
Alexander Hamil I

Emperor Hamil in April of 2009.

3rd Emperor of Kaplechistan
Assumed office
January 1, 2000
Prime Minister Leonardo McCloud (2009-present)
Katherine Fox (2006-2009)
Lucius Fox (2000-2006, deceased)
Preceded by William Lee Hamil II
Succeeded by Heir Apparent
Prince Alexander Hamil II next in line

Triumvir of War for the New Guy
In office
August 15, 2010 – February 18, 2011
Preceded by None Position Created
Succeeded by None Position Abolished

In office
April 19, 2010 – August 15, 2010
Preceded by None, Alliance and Position Established
Succeeded by None, Alliance Disbanded

Judicator for the Aqua Defense Initiative
In office
February 22, 2010 – April 19, 2010
Preceded by Yuurei
Succeeded by None, Alliance Disbanded

Arbiter for the Aqua Defense Initiative
In office
January 6, 2010 – February 22, 2010
Preceded by None Position Created
Succeeded by Nathan Grant

Sentinel for the Aqua Defense Initiative
In office
December 18, 2009 – April 19, 2010
Preceded by Andover
Succeeded by None, Alliance Disbanded

Born September 09, 1958 (age 65)
Kaplechistani City, Kaplechistan
Political party Independent (politician)
Spouse Stephanie Lorraine Hamil (1980-2009)
Children Prince Alexander Hamil II (Born 1982)
Prince Jonathan Jameson Hamil (Born 1985-Died 2006)
Religion Evangelical Church of Kaplechistan

Emperor Alexander Hamil I of Kaplechistan is the leader of the Empire of Kaplechistan and has been since it's reestablishment and some time before then. Emperor Hamil has served his nation with the utmost honor and has distinguished on many occasions extreme valor above and beyond the call of duty to his nation. But it is known that Emperor Hamil isn't an ordinary man, from a war hero to humanitarian and from Senator to Leader of his nation, he remains a constant wonder by not only his people but other nations.

  • Emperor Hamil currently holds the position as Supreme Commander of Kaplechistani Military Forces until a suitable replacement can be found.

The Early Years[]

Lance Alexander Hamil Began his life as a more than ordinary person. He was born during the trying times under the later years of his grandfather's rule. He is the only child of William Hamil II and Lois Dunn-Hamil. Alexander Hamil grew up into a nation torn apart by war. On his 18th birthday, Alexander Hamil joined the Kaplechistani Military, serving under some of Kaplechistan's brightest commanders.

Emperor Hamil of Kaplechistan 4

Alexander Hamil in combat.

Alexander Hamil rose through the ranks quickly with each mission and assignment given to him earning him the rank of Field Commander. Alexander Hamil commanded dozens to even hundreds of troops into battle and even joined into the battles himself. Alexander Hamil continued on the efforts of following his orders and giving superior and detaied intelligence to not only Kaplechistani Military Intelligence but his father as well. Alexander Hamil was eventaully trasferred directly to the front lines to personally command the men he called comrades in arms to batlle. Unwilling to give in, Alexander Hamil has given nearly his life for his comrades in battle as it was shown when the enemy captured him in battle. His father William Lee Hamil II proceeded then to give an Executive Order to have him retrieved from the hands of the enemy. Alexander Hamil I returned home with open arms and a cheering crowd amongst thousands of people, making him a war hero in Kaplechistan, not to mention was awarded Kaplechistan's Highest Honor, The Order of Merit.

Alexander Hamil continued serving his country for quite some time, he continued to fight the war but on a different front. As he helped the efforts of the war through what he considered the looking-glass-window he saw the devastation he could never see as a soldier blinded by the battle. He eventually broke the chains of command by constantly going above his commanding officer to discuss a more peaceful solution to this war. He even went as far as his grandfather to try and stop this war.

But soon he realised his grandfather and his commanding officers were to blinded by rage to even realise why they were fighting anymore. And soon afterwards, Alexander Hamil I resigned his military commission donning the humanitarian side of himself. Looking to cease wars with diplomacy rather than violence traveled the world to where ever he could be useful to help nations at war and chaos. Many challenged his noble ways with how he use to be a soldier fighting wars with such acts of violence and his medals to prove it. His most formidable advisary, the Leader of the Republic of Ulgania. They formed a bond after the Civil War ended that formed the Republic of Ulgania. Soon afterwards, Alexander Hamil's Father became Emperor of Kaplechistan after the sudden death of his grandfather who had been sufferig from Alzheimer's Disease. Alexander hoped that his father's campaigning in the Senate for peace would bring a change to Kaplechistan but it didn't. Alexander Hamil returned to Kaplechistan and began his career running for a National Senate Seat in the Kaplechistani Congress.

The Senatorial Years[]

Emperor Hamil of Kaplechistan 5

Alexander Hamil campaigning for the Senate.

Alexander Hamil began his campaign for the Senate Seat his father vacated after assuming the throne. He campaigned on the promises to help Kaplechistan reform its ways, gain new allies and old ones and better not only the economy of Kaplechistan but also its environment after the devastation of wars since Kaplechistan came to be. Alexander Hamil became known as the Kaplechistani Peacekeeper with his motto: "Change We Need" and indeed it was needed. Alexander Hamil knew that there would be limits to finding peace but at least finding them was necessary. Alexander Hamil eventually won his campaign for Senator and began his career in politics.

Senator Hamil often conferred with his father on many issues, especially about the wars Kaplechistan was always fighting for little or no causes. He even went as far as to condemn the actions of his father for continuing the meaningless campaign that his father's father had continued to fight. Emperor William Hamil II was angered by this but did nothing except to state that his actions were necessary to keep the Kaplechistani people safe and secured today and for the rest of time. Senator Hamil did not believe that the peoples interest were being met with by his father so as a Senator he called up his allies he made in the days of his humanitarian times. And thus brought forth Emperor Father Frank of the Moloni Republic and the High Chancellor of Ulgania. Soon they together formed a peace coalition, calling it the Mount Formation Peace Brigade. For months they campaigned across the world ceasing wars and forming alliances with nations, creating treaties that benefit everyone instead of just one party in the name of what Senator Hamil once believed was justice.

The Mount Formation Coalition[]

Mount Formation Big Three 3

Mount Formation Big Three: Emperor Father Frank of Moloni, Senator Hamil of Kaplechistan and High Chancellor of Ulgania.

The Big Three of the coalition began to split apart spreading their influence throughout what many considered warring nations and third world countries. It seemed that Senator Hamil and his partners had finally achieved what he had been wanting most for those who couldn't afford things: peace, stability and a prominent economy. Since Senator Hamil was considered an unofficial member of the coalition, the Senator began to propose bills throughout Congress for Kaplechistan to officially join the coalition. But every ime he made absolute progress through Congress the legislation would get shut down by his father. Senator Hamil continued tirelessly though to forward the legislation whether or not it had a chance to succeed, as long as his message got through to Congress and the people themselves. hat Kaplechistan is falling behind the times and that war is no longer the only option to settle differences. So Senator Hamil met with his fellow Senators and began to campaign how to legislate beyond the government itself. To most who were blinded by the bureaucracy, this was considered in a sense treason but it was necessary for the government to somehow function beyond the constant wars Kaplechistan was fighting amidst the nations and itself.

Emperor Hamil of Kaplechistan 6

Senator Hamil meeting with his fellow Senators.

But not long afterwards, Senator Hamil was traveling in a motorcade through a ruined part of the Kaplechistani Nation, seeing the destruction this pointless war was causing, until it came under attack by Rogue Military Nationalists. Senator Hamil was found barely alive by the time rescue came, multiple gunshot wounds left him unable to walk for months. But eventually he was able to overcome his hardships and with help of his closest friends, continued his campaign for Kaplechistan to join the Mount Formation Coalition. Unwilling to ccept the same things to continue on for more trying years, Senator Hamil pressed even harder for his father to join the Coalition but to no prevail. Soon Senator Hamil began to think it was a hopeless cause for Kaplechistan to ever join the Coalition as long as his father was in charge of the nation.

Ascension to the Throne[]

Just as Senator Hamil began to contemplate his departure from the Coalition, Emperor William Hamil II was suddenly overran with publication of corruption in his administration and his blunt but secretive affairs. His father, unwilling to shame his nation anymore than he already has declared in a national public statement his departure as leader of Kaplechistan, not soon after that, Senator Hamil with some hesitation stepped up to become the next Emperor of Kaplechistan.

Emperor Hamil taking the Oath

Emperor Hamil taking the oath beside his wife, Stephanie Lorraine Hamil.

Many throughout the nation and the world were shocked by the sudden turn of events, and many in the current administration feared the worse knowing who was about to step up. Emperor Hamil was Inaugurated two days after his father relinquished himself from the throne, on the steps of the new capitol hill building beside his wife, Stephanie Lorraine Hamil. Emperor Hamil had the building modeled after the one in Washington, D.C., USA. Emperor Hamil thought it was no more befeting than to have what he considers the highlight of his life, than to Christian capitol hill and bless it with its first inauguration.

Emperor Hamil Inauguration Photo

The Capitol building during the Inauguration of Emperor Alexander Hamil I.


Emperor Alexander Hamil I began his leadership with an immediate reconstruction of the Executive Cabinet and the entire administration, with full and unanimous approval of Congress, Emperor Hamil replaced every single person in the administration, and barring those who did and/or have ever served before from ever serving again. Emperor Hamil had a lot on his plate to fill, knowing the daring challenge was ahead of him he pursued to continue his full agenda as he did when he was a Senator.

Mount Formation[]

Mount Formation Big Three 2

The Mount Formation Big Three: Emperor Hamil of Kaplechistan, High Chancellor of Ulgania and Emperor Father Frank of the Moloni Republic.

Emperor Hamil immediately began to propse his legislation into Congress for Kaplechistan to join the Mount Formation Coalition. Once accepted the big three gathered together to turn the coalition into something more, after weeks of deliberation and proposed legislation and laws into each nation, Mount Formation's Coalition was turned from a simple peace organization to an alliance of 30 plus nations, bent on seeking peace throughout the world and for those who seek only peace. Once Mount Formation turned into an alliance, many joined the cause to help, and in itself the alliance welcomed and publicly served member nations as high as 60 and in turn pushing the alliance to form not only an Executive Branch, but a Legislative and Judicial Branches as well. As of course only the nations' respective leaders were allowed to hold these high positions so that a maintained balance of power could be established, Mount Formation's policies were not as strong as one would like. Not long Emperor Hamil began to fight not only people trying to gain power in Kaplechistan to their own ends, but Emperor Hamil fought the corruption in Mount Formation itself, fighting what he called an internal war of politics on both ends. Within months, Emperor Hamil had changed many of the laws turning the alliance democracy into an almost dictatorship, but trying to keep some form of democracy within the alliance. His staff became concerned at this sight when he made an interim council, named by the member nations, the so called Council of Founders, figuring that Mount Formation can keep its democracy but maintain some form of stability without the worry of corruption of power.

Council of Founders[]

Emperor Hamil behind the Desk

Emperor Hamil with members of his Executive Staff.

Emperor Hamil constantly met with people from all sides of his government and the Mount Formation government, unwilling to give up on the region he began a campaign of recruitment for young nations unable to defend themselves from tyranny, helping raise the stature for Mount Formation. But all was for not, the so called Council of Founders began a civil upheap when Emperor Hamil began campaigns without consulting them or involving them. They pleaded to his staff that he needs to continue consulting them, running the alliance by himself will only end with his downfall. His staff pleaded to him one day in his office, that he needs to start consulting the people he appointed and helped get elected to office, and with much hesitation Emperor Hamil made a public statement to all of Kaplechistan and Mount Formation:

Emperor Hamil of Kaplechistan 7

Emperor Hamil addressing the Alliance.

I wish to apologise, not only to my nation, but to all of Mount Formation. I am here to state the fact that I am only one man and realise with help of people I trust now realise I cannot do this alone. I wish to humbly apologise to my closest friends Father Frank of Moloni and the High Chancellor of Ulgania, and ask them that we continue what we started together as a team. With that I am proposing new legislation into the alliance's government and restoring all democrative powers to the alliance itself. Proposing that the Council of Founders remain nothing more than a mediator for the alliance itself. I ask that each and every leader, each and every citizen of this alliance, that we work even harder to preserve what not only I but all of us have created to make this alliance what it is today. I urge that every leader part of this alliance, meet me on the footsteps here at the capitol building of Kaplechistan. Thank you for your time, and God Bless Kaplechistan and Mount Formation.

Mount Formation's First War[]

It started with the Kaplechistani Congress when the Kaplechistani House members gathered around to say farewell to its leader, Martin Lombard, who had remained Chairman of the House of Representatives since before Alexander Hamil I was even in the military. The Chairman apparently gave up his career to tend to the care of his loving wife who had been diagnosed with advanced stages of Cancer. Emperor Hamil made an unscheduled stop at Former Chairman Lombard's house. Emperor Hamil as expected gave his best wishes to the former Congressman and said he would do whatever he could to help. Shortly after leaving Emperor Hamil's motorcade came under attack by what was believed to be rogue militants of the Aryan Republic of Demoritus. Emperor Hamil barely escaping with his life, intiated a full investigation with full cooperation of Demoritus and placed not only the nation but the entire alliance on full alert. Emperor Hamil received kind and welcoming words from not only his friends and allies of Mount Formation but as well as many former nations who he once called his enemy.

Emperor Hamil and Lucius Fox

Emperor Hamil and Lucius Fox.

Eventually, Emperor Hamil discovered what might have been evidence of things not seen, and wondered if Demoritus was really telling the truth. Soon he sent his Prime Minister, Lucius Fox of Kaplechistan, to speak to the so called kind leader of Demoritus. Emperor Hamil apparently spoke via satellite to the Leader of Demoritus while Prime Minister Fox and himself sat in his office and spoke about the sudden developments that were uncovered. The leader of Demoritus suddenly became furious with anger and somewhat forced the Prime Minister of Kaplechistan out of his office. On his return back, Prime Minister Fox's plane was shot down still over Demoritan waters, everyone aboard was killed and none of the bodies were ever found. Funeral services were held for the Prime Minister who was not a native born to Kaplechistan, soon after the funeral Emperor Hamil asked in a public conference before the Kaplechistani Government and Congress if his wife and closest confidant would take his place. Katherine Fox, gracefully accepted the position but during that conference the Kaplechistani Capitol endured a blackout and Emperor Hamil was kidnapped by the rogue forces of Demoritus.

Temporary Removal[]

Empress Stephanie Hamil

Empress Stephanie Lorraine Hamil.

As the nation panicked in the sudden wake of the events, only through an act of Congress and full cooperation of the Executive Cabinet, could Stephanie Hamil take Emperor Hamil's place as the temporary leader until his safe return or untimely demise. The Congress and the Executive Cabinet with some hesitation gave her full executive power bestowed and allowed to her by the Kaplechistani Royal Declaration of 1947. Empress Hamil declared a full state of war against the Aryan Republic of Demoritus and its tyrannical leader, and immediately proposed the executive intiative to bring Emperor Hamil back to Kaplechistan safely.

Empress Hamil learned to get a control of how to run the government for a brief time until she pressured Military Intelligence to have him brought home. In the meantime, Empress Hamil urged her fellow nations of the alliance to join in her cause to rescue Emperor Hamil and declare war on the nation of Demoritus. Not even 24 hours later major powers throughout the region proposed a good neighbor policy to help The Empire of Kaplechistan and declared war on the Aryan Nation of Demoritus. Empress Hamil, meeting with her fellow regional allies, proposed a new policy for all nations within the region to protect one another and declare an instant state of war on the proposed treaties that have already been set for the Mount Formation Protection Act of 2006. The major powers agreed along with the other nations, and as a result within the next few hours Emperor Hamil was returned from his captivity in Demoritus and restored his Legal and Executive authority.

Joint Strike[]

Kaplechistanian Memorial

The Kaplechistanian Memorial of those who died after the Nuclear Attack.

As soon as Emperor Hamil regained his authority, he immediately prepared for a full scale invasion of the so called Aryan Republic. But as the proposed declaration to invade was moving through the military channels, the Aryan Republic detonated a nuclear missile that slipped through the radars near the Capitol Building, causing the death and destruction on a massive scale. Unable to retreat safely unnoticed, Demoritus sent in strike forces to attack Kaplechistan, the major catalyst as they said behind the war. As Empress Hamil and Emperor Hamil escaped they came upon much enemy fire, Empress Hamil getting injured in the process and retreat via news chopper unaffected from being just outside the blast. Emperor Hamil immediately launched his own force, declaring an all out nuclear war preparing to launch Kaplechistan's full nuclear arsenal.

Demoritus fearing the worst, began to cower at the warning as Emperor Hamil preapred to launch the missiles. As this happened the leader of Demoritus was captured by hidden agents within its own government by Mount Formation itself. As a result the nation gave its unconditional surrender and the launch was cancelled. After the war Emperor Hamil dedicated a memorial for those who died in the nuclear attack.

The Fall of Mount Formation[]

Emperor Hamil and Father Frank

Emperor Hamil and Father Frank of Moloni Campaign to hold Mount Formation together.

Just as the war clean up efforts were coming to completion, the alliance began to crumble from within. Many of the major powers began to let its nation or its economy go to shame, and as Emperor Hamil did what he could to liven their spirits, it seemed too late even though the fall had just begun. Emperor Hamil and Father Frank tried their best to continue Mount Formation with little or no help from the others, to keep the government up and running, but as it showed it was already too late. Mount Formation declined in not only its economy but its member nations began to leave, unwilling to stay and try to hold together.

Emperor Hamil of Kaplechistan 8

Emperor Hamil, Father Frank in the background, prepare to finalize his complete transfer of power of Mount Formation.

Emperor Hamil tried once more to hold Mount Formation together and with all his might he was successful, reestablishing the Executive Cabinet of the alliance, appointing elected officials for a temporary time until something could be done. But as history for Mount Formation showed Emperor Hamil was unable to hold it together and began the processes to hand over complete leadership powers to Father Frank of the Moloni Republic. Just as he finished his transfer of power, Emperor Hamil came under attack by terrorists that remain unknown today, using chemical by-products changing his physical features and leaving him in a coma.


Emperor Hamil of Kaplechistan

Emperor Hamil after awaking from his coma.

Emperor Hamil remained in a coma for over 2 years, in the process Mount Formation completely fell no longer existing to today, and Kaplechistan fell into civil chaos destroying one another until nothing was left. Emperor Hamil awoke one day in a cold dreary winter evening, noticing the destruction that had endured while he was out. And was suddenly saddened by not only his nation but how he was completely changed noticing how he looks completely different. Emperor Hamil was furious and began to change many things throughout the nation reclaiming his throne.


Emperor Hamil began to restructure the government and in turn very few people were left and joined him in the cause. And began a new nation in a somewhat different region, once the government was reestablished, Emperor Hamil was given an open invitation to a region that has greatly helped Kaplechistan since the restructure, the Democratic Order.


Ever since Emperor Hamil began his restructure of Kaplechistan, The Democratic Order has welcomed Kaplechistan and Emperor Hamil into the order with open arms. Emperor Hamil now senses a new profound feel of peace and freedom for Kaplechistan, even at this great cost. Emperor Hamil, along with TDO, remains neutral in the massive war engulfing the entire Cyber Nations Region.

At the current time Emperor Hamil proceeds to continue his further progress as a member of The Democratic Order by continuing his work to become a TDO Diplomat. His progress at that continues to exceed even his own expectations.

Low Senator, Minister and Deputy Minister[]

Emperor Hamil was elevated to The Democratic Order Low Senate with a majority approval, after his run for Minister of Grants and defeat, Emperor Hamil moves on to more important things, like getting more involved in the government of TDO and more involved back into his schooling in becoming a diplomat for TDO. Emperor Hamil moves forward continuing on as Deputy Minister of Defense and Deputy Minister of Grants. He works to better TDO for all current and future members to better their chances for when and/or if the day comes they need to go to war,or worse leave TDO with a less organised alliance at war. At the current time, Emperor Hamil sits as Minister of Grants for The Democratic Order.

The Scouting War[]

Emperor Hamil, upon the aftermath of the first of the war and the resignation of Admiral Samuel Collins, Sr., has taken upon once again the responsibility of the office of the Supreme Commander of Kaplechistan. Putting him directly at the front of the lines in commanding the entire war. As the war progresses, Emperor Hamil will be continuing his duties in TDO but will also be using a lot of his time coordinating the war, putting most of his time focused on the war.

After the final days of the war, Emperor Hamil declared an end to the hostilities with a speech indicating Kaplechistan's Victory in the War on Scoutland. Emperor Hamil although, continues to hold his reign as Supreme Commander of Kaplechistan's Armed Forces, seeking to replace his last one.

New Sith Order[]

After having enough of the drama and political whining of his fellow members and former members, Alexander Hamil I issued his resignation to The Democratic Order, officially resigning from TDO, he upon his own reasons, joined the New Sith Order, a place which he felt welcomed to and not judged by his members. Realising that he is starting at the bottom again, Alexander Hamil I rather enjoys the pleasure of not having complete responsibility over many members.

Although NSO is a complete different take from TDO, he still shares and continues his views for peace and prosperity but this time through different means in the ways of NSO.

The RAD Wars[]

During his routine while trying to serve the interests of the New Sith Order, Emperor Hamil came upon news that NSO was at war with RAD, with that knowledge Emperor Hamil offered his assistance in any way possible but at the current time no response was given. Shortly before retiring for the evening was Emperor Hamil contacted by Angrator of Angratar, fellow member of NSO and asked that he immediately attack the designated nation. Without hesitation and with much excitement Emperor Hamil quickly and quietly transferred himself from the Royal Palace to the Defense Ministry of Kaplechistan.

And soon afterwards, Emperor Hamil coordinated attacks to the entire military as Supreme Commander, delivering a hard yet decisive blow to R237oga Cinni250int. Emperor Hamil sees the casualties as an inevitable result of any war and spoke to anyone and everyone from the military to the public:

The Empire of Kaplechistan will fight this war, even if it is down to the very last man. But I foresee nothing but victory to come for this nation and for our newfound alliance of NSO. This war in just its first moments of battle has already seen casualties, many on both sides, but I assure you all that Kaplechistan will continue to fight. And Kaplechistan will continue to win, no matter what it takes.

Even after the sorrows of pain and anger in the many people of Kaplechistan, the people cheered on Emperor Hamil and the military for absolute victory. And it continues on even at the very moment as the people of Kaplechistan cheer:

Victory, victory, onward to victory . . . victory for Kaplechistan means victory for us all!

Emperor Hamil Address Pic

Emperor Hamil as he Addresses the Nation.

Emperor Hamil continued a promising demand of the people, leading Kaplechistan to ultimate victory against its enemy. Soon the members of RAD began to cowar and flee, being driven constantly into anarchy. With this at hand RAD eventually agreed to terms of surrender against the NSO and with that view Kaplechistan offered ceasation of hostilities against R237. With an end of the war here, Kaplechistan celebrated victory as Emperor Hamil addressed the nation:

My fellow Kaplechistanians, today is a victorious day for you, for me, for us and the alliance of NSO. Today we gather together on the most glorious of days to celebrate the end of the RAD Wars. An agreement has come to pass and RAD Surrendered to the forces of NSO, and with that knowledge, I sent a proposal of peace to the nation of R237oga Cinni250int. And with that closing I declare this day a day of constant celebration for the entire nation, but let us never forget the sacrifice that was made to ensure that victory. Let us not forget the thousands of lives lost in this war, innocent bystanders and promising soldiers gone from this world and onto the next. Let us never forget that this is the price we all pay for such victory.

As of right now Kaplechistan has begun its tribute to those lives that were lost, building a memorial for them in their honor. For such a short war, so many lives lost. But we move forward, like those before us and before me have done so, let us move on and remember what happened and learn from this. But now let us celebrate this victory, let us continue our progress and in the hope that this peace lasts for us all for quite some time. God bless you, God bless Kaplechistan, God bless the NSO and God bless everyone else.

After such a promising speech from Emperor Hamil, the people continued on celebrating and cheering for their Emperor and for NSO.

Aqua Defense Initiative[]

Eventually the Empire of Kaplechistan saw a new alliance form from that of disgruntled active remnants of The Democratic Order and in seeing that saw that John Warbuck of New Aligned States was creating a new alliance called the Aqua Defense Initiative. In seeing this fortunate turn of events, Emperor Hamil kept towards the promise he once made to John Warbuck and moved the Empire forward to ADI. Once there Kaplechistan and Emperor Hamil were welcomed and immediately appointed to a position within the government.

Being appointed as a Class 2 Guardian, class determining the scheduled elections, Emperor Hamil immediately threw his hat into the race of Champion Guardian, de facto leader of the Council of Guardians. Upon doing so, Emperor Hamil stated this in his debate as to what he defines the position of Champion Guardian:

The Champion Guardian is like a Speaker of the House for a House of Representatives or the President pro tempore of a Senate. The roles are defined in many ways, in a sense they are like a de facto leader of their respective houses/parties but they are more or less just someone who can communicate the entire voice for the house/party in this form. They moderate all hearings and joint sessions to help keep the house in order. They are also there to possibly, if necessary, to delegate the duties of the house/party to the other members, but the Champion Guardian also would perform administrative and procedural functions no doubt. But no doubt one of the most primary roles of Champion Guardian is the procedure of a smooth transaction of getting all forms of legislation passed into law.

Upon that Emperor Hamil waited the next couple of days then a vote was held and won by one vote against his opponent Kingly of 4 to 3 with 1 vote towards Barney the Purple Dinosaur.

Champion Guardian[]

Emperor Hamil immediately began working to push legislation along with a couple of the other Guardians, coming across constant arguments of his statements either too wordy, poorly worded or a debate of saying it is not worth it, but Emperor Hamil continues to press his issues for the betterment of the alliance of ADI. After much pressing he, along with his fellow Guardians got much legislation passed, some to preserve the Democracy they have in ADI, but cause more red tape and some to give executive latitude to the Lord High Sentinel.

With passing the multiple acts under his tenure as Champion Guardian, Alexander Hamil I continued to press on the guaranteed rights of all who resided in ADI. Making sure that the interests of the minority is heard, sometimes putting his career on the line to guarantee that Democracy is preserved rather than allowing acts to happen just to get the process done faster.

With his tenure as Champion Guardian at a practical end, Emperor Hamil proceeded to make sure that two final legislative agendas appeared on the roster and would pass before he was done, that is of making sure Sentinel votes are established in the charter along with increasing the Council of Guardians by three seats. With both acts in place, Alexander Hamil I proceeds with his final days as Champion Guardian waiting for a successor to be elected and voted upon.

Changing of the Government[]

After the Aqua Defense Initiative went into further elections, people amongst the alliance realized that although the premise of a democracy is wonderful and worthy of upholding, it is not workable in this realm, due o the constant bureaucracy that it causes between executive and legislative departments, the government of the Aqua Defense Initiative formally changed into a more hierarchy stand point. With John Warbuck as permanent High Sentinel, Emperor Hamil, along with, Yuurei of Exedore and Archon Daverin of Caridos, were immediately appointed as Arbiters, placing Yuurei as Head Arbiter, or Judicator, second to John Warbuck and the Arbiters help to keep the prominent LHS in check.

With a changed government the ADI can continue forward more quickly and prominently and even able to hold together better as the current government than a democracy especially in the times of war.

First Official ADI War[]

With war on the move Emperor Hamil lead task forces combined between his nation and that of Bobogoobo's into battle for ADI. While the homefronts were hit hard, ADI continued to move forward even when the times of war got intense, from the Trojans, to the Amazons and even to the 1TF. While much was fought and lost and gained in some cases, Emperor Hamil continued under the guidance of the LHS of ADI, soon peace was declared between the forementioned alliances and ADI was in a temporary time of peace. But soon the war continues forward and ADI, alongside LSN, to fight for their allies of NATO and UCN.

Judicator for ADI[]

As Emperor Hamil began contemplation of resignation, the time for him to resign was not at hand. As his friend John Warbuck stepped down from his position as Lord High Sentinel of ADI, it installed his successor, LordTri, as the next Lord High Sentinel, with Emperor Hamil instated as Judicator, leading Arbiter for ADI and second in command of the government. As Emperor Hamil continued doing what he did best, which was serving ADI, he contemplated his role as Judicator and began movements to more or less define his position as Judicator as he defined his position when he was Champion Guardian of ADI before the reformation. Emperor Hamil hesitant to step on anyones toes or crossing into someone else's boundaries and crossing the line, he remained at an unease as to his duties as Judicator, trying to find a call with that of more than making a decision for the alliance's future when the time calls for it.

But eventually Emperor Hamil found his call as per his duty not only as a Loyalist to ADI, but as a man concerned for the government's stability with their current Lord High Sentinel being inactive. As per the ADI Charter Emperor Hamil instated his perrogative and claimed himself Acting Lord High Sentinel due to the inactivity of LordTri. Eventually somewhere down the line Emperor Hamil shall call upon a vote for a more permanent Lord High Sentinel by the end of April, himself among the names of those possibly those to be voted into office for full installment as permanent Lord High Sentinel. Emperor Hamil stated in a brief speech:

I instated myself as Acting Lord High Sentinel only due to the recent inactivity of LordTri. He remained inactive for more than 7 days which by then gave me full perrogative to instate myself. I was hesitant on the 7th day due to I did not want anyone thinking I sought power for myself. And proving so I do not consider myself Lord High Sentinel, although yes I am Acting Lord High Sentinel, I am still the Judicator of ADI. I will press along as the Lord High Sentinel and continue to serve ADI as I always have since the day I joined ADI. Somewhere down the line, my best calculation by the end of April, I shall hold a vote with those in our government to vote on a new Lord High Sentinel. Now my name will surely be amongst those for possible full succession to the position, but I may not want my name on the list because I do believe that although I would serve in the best interests of this alliance, I may not be fully ready for this kind of leadership.

Emperor Hamil continued on his speech stating:

I am sure that I could lead ADI into the future, and if the people of ADI wish for it and the government calls for it, I will serve as Lord High Sentinel on a more permanent basis. But I am not putting my hopes up for anything I just continue onward, some have even asked me is Nathan Grant on the list, is John Warbuck on the list. I have been asked many times who is on this list and I tell you now that although I am sure my name would be, there is currently no list of names on who is up for the position, ADI is dealing with rogue problems and at this current time has no time for a vote on finding a new Lord High Sentinel.

Disbandment of the Aqua Defense Initiative[]

When early April came along, much was to be concerned about due to the facts that the Lord High Sentinel, LordTri, at the time had intentions of leaving to form his own alliance, leaving without the naming of a successor. Eventually, rogues, from Semper Tyrannis, came along and attacked ADI. Most important the higher nations, including John Warbuck. Emperor Hamil, as Judicator, wondered what the reasons were behind their attacks, much was speculated and assumed and most were right, they were attacking due to the apparent actions over the past few months from John Warbuck of New Aligned States. As they attacked they gave little to no communication for plausible peace talks. Eventually, they began open communications and started to negotiate with the government members of the alliance, most of all LordTri. After initiating a ceasefire for a temporary time period a lot occurred, John Warbuck initiated his leave from the alliance and leave from this Planet.

Once he left there was nothing left to fight for a friend who apparently was considered to be abandoning us, yet calling it the only way for ADI to achieve peace and thus it somewhat did. Emperor Hamil of Kaplechistan, Nathan Grant, JDorian and Shadeslayers09 began to initiate talks themselves when it seemed like LordTri was not getting the job done. After almost no time left during the ceasefire period, terms were agreed upon and delivered: An apology to TDO and denounce John Warbuck and his actions during his stay at ADI.

When all was said and done, ADI was hit hard by both sides of the aisle, from allies and enemies alike with positive and negative comments. Soon it was realised that ADI needed to disband and so after much debate, talk and deliberation, plans were made and actions were taken and thus ADI was disbanded and the alliance and government was replaced with, the Shadow Proclamation.

The Shadow Proclamation[]

After the constitution and charters were formed, the government was set up and membership was informed to change their AA to The Shadow Proclamation. Eventually, Emperor Hamil was appointed, along with Nathan Grant and JDorian, as Triumvir of TSP. Setting up the government positions Emperor Hamil takes full initiative to continue relations with current allies, seeking future relations with potential allies and former advisaries, but keeping the alliance low on the radar until the trolling dies down against the alliance formerly known as ADI.

The Shadow Proclamation made many commitments, some which it kept to, but some it could not due to the inactivity. Although the Shadow Proclamation never fought in a war nor came under any form of attack except by maybe one rogue, TSP decided that even with its government members dedicating the alliance to certain aspects and contests, those members decided to leave because of inactivity. As hard as the current government tried, the inactivity was not helping and thus the government itself decided to merge itself into the alliance known as the New Guy.

The New Guy[]

As the merge completed itself, and a new government setup in TNG, people were put into their respectful places in the government and TSP merged into TNG. Now as Emperor Hamil moves forward for not only his nation but his new alliance, as Triumvir of War, he vows to continue his work as he did in every alliance he has served before.

Reconstructive Surgery[]

In the meantime along the way between TSP and merging into TNG, Emperor Hamil underwent a newly found surgery to restore his original skin color and his face. After completion, his original presence was brought back to Kaplechistan.

Emperor Hamil Restored Portrait

Emperor Hamil recovering after his reconstructive surgery.

Sparta War[]

During quiet times things can seem like they never go wrong, but indeed it usually does, at least here on Planet Bob. When the first war to break out in weeks leads to one alliance after another joining in, soon TNG is forced to step in. As Triumvir of War, Emperor Hamil agrees to join the cause as TNG comes in aid of its friends over in TFD.

Emperor Hamil as Supreme Commander of Kaplechistani Forces, sends his soldiers once more into battle fighting a full on battle with his friend and comrade, deadman. They fought and much was lost against Enzos, but Enzos as always was hit harder. When the first nuclear bomb fell, Emperor Hamil made a televised speech to his people stating:

My fellow Kaplechistanians, we have been hit by an aggrevating and menacing nation and its leader with a nuclear weapon. I am forced to have nochoice but to retaliate in such a similar state. Fortunately, even though we are getting hit we have dodged and costed him more missiles than he can ever imagine and hope to replace. Thanks to our newly developed Strategic Defensive Initiative, Kaplechistan can avoid the same catastrophies it so long endured in the past. As always we will fight to the last if necessary for we will not cease, we will not faulter, nor will we fail. Thank you, and God bless the nation of Kaplechistan, good night.

But as peace seems to be in reaching distance, after such a long battle, Emperor Hamil continues to fight on another front.

The Loyalist Committee[]

With things going on during the war, it was brought to Emperor Hamil's attention that things are not getting done, or things that should be happening are not. Emperor Hamil decided that he would form The New Guy Loyalist Committee, its purpose is reviews on anything concerning the laws of TNG, to produce activity amongst non-government members, to ensuring the alliance is being protected from within and finally to bring a voice to the government from the people in general.

Reformation of The New Guy[]

As Triumvir of War for The New Guy, Emperor Hamil sought to keep up the defenses of the alliance, but with a reformation, i.e. a change to the charter, the government of the alliance shall change as well. In this process Emperor Hamil has stated that when the new government is elected his position of course will no longer exist and therefore declared his intentions to run for President of The New Guy. Once nominated, Emperor Hamil will lay down his plan and intentions as President.