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Aleksey Chernomyrdin
Aleksey Chernomyrdin

Assumed office
30 September 2010
Preceded by Dmitry Romanov (died in office)

In office
10 May 2010 – 30 September 2010
Preceded by Konstantin Yegorov
Succeeded by Konstantin Yegorov

In office
9 May 2010 – 10 May 2010
Preceded by Dmitry Romanov
Succeeded by Dmitry Romanov

In office
16 January 2004 – 9 May 2010
Preceded by Dmitry Romanov
Succeeded by de facto: Himself
de jure: Konstantin Yegorov

Chairman of the Management Board of Gazprom
In office
3 September 1999 – 8 January 2009
Preceded by Natalya Smirnova
Succeeded by Leonid Zhukov

Born 15 July 1974 (age 50)
Soviet Union Leningrad, Soviet Union
Political party United Russia
Spouse Nataliya Chernomyrdina
Profession Lawer
Religion Russian Orthodox
Signature Signaturechernomyrdin

Political career[]

Acting presidnet of Russia[]

Chernomyrdin became acting president of Russia on the 30 of September 2010 when Dmitry Romanov died in a car accident in the center of Moscow.

Prime Minister of Russia[]

Chernomyrdin was asked by Dmitry Romanov who was elected president in 2004 to form a government. Chernomyrdin accepted and formed his first cabinet that would last until 2010 (one of the longest lasting in Russian political history). He continued as the Chairman of the Management Board of Gazprom until January 2009.

For 23 hours and 15 minutes on the 9-10 of May 2010 Chernomyrdin was the president of Russia. This due to that president Romanov had to resign from his post in order to participate in the presidential elections. An interesting fact is that during these 23 hours he held in fact powers of both the president and the chairman of the government, since Konstantin Yegorov who was the "real" Prime Minister wasn't even in Russia at the time.

First Cabinet[]

Chernomyrdin's first six years in office as Prime Minister has mainly been characterized by two things, first of all the immense economical growth of the Russian economy. Secondly, the consolidation of the Romanov regime in Russia has also contributed to decreased authority of the Prime Minister. In April 2010 Chernomyrdin had, like his boss Romanov, very high approval ratings, ranging from 65-75%.

Second Cabinet[]

Chernomyrdin was again asked to form a new government after the re-election of Dmitry Romanov to presidency. The new government started working on the 20th of May 2010.

Personal life[]

Chernomyrdin is married and has two sons named Viktor (born 1999) and Dmitry (born 2002). His wife, Nataliya Borisovna Chernomyrdina, was secretary when he was the Chairman of the Management Board of Gazprom. They married in 1998. Nataliya is since 2008 a member of the Management Board of Gazprom.