This alliance has disbanded.
Alaskan Border Patrol

ABP Official Flag
Team Color Blue team Blue
Founder(s) Matt2001, SinisterCanuck, Kammy1221, AllYourBase
International relations
  • Protectorate with GOLD (pre-April 17)
  • Protectorate with NPO (post-April 17)

AllianceStats Statistics as of April 16, 2007

Total Nations 100~
Strength 500,000~
Avg. Strength  ??
Nukes  ??
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The Alaskan Border Patrol was a fairly small yet fairly determined alliance founded during post Great War III. Most of its members were pro-Aegis (specifically ex-NAAC) with the intent of creating a small and neutral alliance. Founding alliance members include Matt2001 of Mattopolis and SinisterCanuck of Jamieland. However, do to their mass recuritment of additional members, Kammy1221 of Epiphone as well as AllYourBase of Das Vierte Reich were thought to be additional founding members. The basis of ABP's foundations laid in unity, strength, loyalty, and determination - trustworthy friends, close nation ties, and good times. Members were to receive a total of $100,000 for joining and $500,000 for pledging to stay for a minimum of five months. The Alaskan Border Patrol is now a dead alliance following the events of The Alaskan Folly.

The FoundationEdit

The Alaskan Border Patrol was founded March 29, 2007. Membership was estimated to be around 10-20 members with an alliance strength of approximately 100,000 NS. The first charter and government was announced and appointed in April 15, 2007, respectively. Around that time, membership was well above the 100 mark with a grand total of nearly 500,000 NS. Two days later and events would dramatically change.

The Alaskan FollyEdit

Main article: The Alaskan Folly

In the days leading to the war NPO approached leadership of ABP about a possible spy ring. with Kammy not being present it fell to Matt2001 to conduct negotiations with SinisterCanuck also being present. Negotiations quickly broke down when Matt2001 pulled what some consider to be the most ballsy political moves in history. Emperor Moo put forward the evidence against ABP to which Matt2001 replied with a strong "f*** off". ABP was hit later that night.

The Alaskan Folly began April 17, 2007 and lasted for approximately 2–3 days when GOLD had failed to show up for help. During that time, the NPO declared war on ABP for espionage towards other alliances. At first, ABP denied accusations but later were forced to surrender and accept all terms. Members such as Western Digital and Kage-Ryu (now known as xPhantomxKingx of the New Pacific Order) were among the first to be convicted for their actions against Pacifica. Das Vierte Reich shortly followed after registering for a new alliance but failed to terminate his ABP membership.


As part of their surrender agreements, ABP accepted protectorate status from NPO for approximately two months. During that time, many members left and ABP began to decline. Protector Kammy1221, Tribune SinisterCanuck and MoFA Caveman72 left ABP following the deletion of the ABP forums by the MoR. Following that, Matt2001 and Staplecheese both took the helm and attempted to repair the alliance but it was too little too late and eventually left, leaving the ABP to die leaderless.

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