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Alapayevsk (Finn. Alapai, Hung. Alapájvár) is a Uralican city, located in Southeast Uralica county on Highway UH-6B, which connects it to Highway 3A and to Nizhny Tagil.

This city has had a very long history of ferrous metallurgy, which has had its peaks and troughs over the years. The city has had to be rebuilt twice in the Robertian Era - once after Great War I and again after The Unjust War. These rebuildings, as well as the collapse of the Soviet Union, were responsible for the low points in the city's metallurgical field, and in fact this field practically collapsed after the first Great War, resulting in the city being all but deserted.

At the time though, mining techniques were less sophisticated. As the technology improved, so too did the town's outlook. In mid-2009, prospectors from Bolak Corp. hit the mother lode directly beneath part of the then-town, and there was a mad scramble to get metallurgists back into the city, causing the population to double within a month after an infrastructural rejuvenation project similar to the one in Perm'.

Nowadays, mining and metallurgy once again dominate the economy of the city, although there is some diversification now, with textiles/clothing production, non-ferrous metallurgy, the production of industrial gases, and construction hardware production also having presence.


The city has long been dominated by ethnic Russians, however there are also decent-sized populations of Finns, Hungarians and Bashkirs in the city. And in spite of the industrial nature of the city, there is also a thriving cultural presence in the city, with two art museums, the Pyotr Il'yich Tchaikovsky Musical Museum Complex (Tchaikovsky lived in Alapayevsk as a child and preteen), and a municipal history museum, which is near a mine shaft where several Russian royals were brutally murdered by Bolsheviks - nowadays, this mineshaft is marked by a memorial stone.

Several beautiful churches exist in Alapayevsk, including some that were deliberately avoided by warring sides within the city during the Great Wars. St. Catherine's Church is probably the best example of this - after the Unjust War, it was Alapayevsk's tallest building. The ruins of The Temple Of The New Martyrs Of Russia are also a popular tourist attraction.

Finally, there is a museum dedicated to the history of metallurgy in Alapayevsk, which in fact was Russia's oldest "metallurgy town," with the first metallurgical factory in the area having been built in 1703.


Football (Soccer)[]


  • FanKom Alapayevsk


  • Ural Alapayevsk

Other Pro/Semi-Pro[]

  • FK Alapayevsk
  • Dinamo Alapayevsk
  • Spartak Alapayevsk
  • Torpedo Alapayevsk
  • Promyshlennik Alapayevsk
  • Metallurg Alapayevsk
  • Shakhtyor Alapayevsk
  • Tekstilshchik Alapayevsk
  • Zheleznik Alapayevsk
  • Gazovik Alapayevsk
  • Bolak Alapayevsk
  • Alapain Jokerit
  • MTK Álápájvár

Neighbourhoods and Suburbs[]

  • Alapaikha (Finn. Äläpaiha, Hung. Alapájhá)
  • Verkhnyaya Alapaikha (Finn. Ylääläpaiha)
  • Zapadnyy
  • Zarya
  • Tolmachyovo
  • Glukhikh