Al Kassad joined the New Pacific Order during July 2007, having been drawn to the alliance and the Cyberverse through his connections within NationStates. He was actively involved within numerous organs of the Order since he joined, and served as a Imperial Ambassador and Military/Economic Advisor to The Mafia, Lieutenant of Beta Battalion, a Centurion of the Praetorian Guard, a Senior Correspondent of the Media Corps, a part of the Order's Military Intelligence branch, a recruiter, a member of the Spirit Guard, and a Technology Procurer. Of all these positions, his fondest memory is from his promotion to Centurion within Praetorian Guard. Kassad has always admired the Guard, and views his position as one of indescribable honour.

He was drawn to the NPO because of its unique atmosphere. In his words, this unique atmosphere - Pacifica itself - is "the mind and unity in which all those who carry our flag share. It is the ideology of superiority that only a Pacifican has. [It] is not so much described as it is developed by new and old members alike. We all share in a body of one purpose in the vision of Francos Spain." It is this unique atmosphere, rooted within the principles of Francoism, that has inspired Al Kassad to serve the Order so faithfully. He seeks only to, "mould [himself] in the name of Franco... to continue his vision, his passion."

Al Kassad later deserted the New Pacific Order to join a newly founded group Vox Populi around the time of War of the Coalition.

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