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Official Flag of CradletoGrave

National Flag
Established 5/26/2009 (current nation)
Alliance The Phoenix Federation
The Phoenix Federation
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Nation Team Team: White White

The leader of Cradletograve, location unknown

The Beginning and formation of The Resistance[]

The Resistance (Formerly known as "The Underground") was formed as a para-military organization by several Ex-Delta Force special operations soldiers. The organization acts out side of international law, with the original intention of battling terrorist, extremist, or any violent insurgency forcing their will and blatant destruction on others. We believe that in some cases, the law is inadequate, and in its inadequacy it loses sight of true justice, so we pursue... "natural justice". After years of black ops work around the world fighting various extremist insurgencies, and rogue groups of wanton destruction, the small organization had grown into a very large construct of underground and surface bases, and proclaimed themselves a national entity, a nation state, no longer an organization, or small para-military group.

Our motto;
"Si vis pacem, para bellum." - If you want peace, prepare for war.


Coven started his journey on planet bob by committing his first nation to Invicta. Having joined in its early stage, he was one of the first members of Invicta. Coven served in Invicta for just under two years, having served in the Invictan Armed forces as both a commander and soldier, as well as lead graphic artist for Invicta during his stay. Coven resigned from Invicta in October 2008.

The Phoenix Federation[]

Upon resigning from Invicta, Coven was given an invitation to join TPF.

After joining on 10 November 2008 and going through the academy phases, Coven became a member. His first role in government was as a Division XO in the Phoenix Armed Forces. After some time, was promoted to a Division General, where he eventually commanded the Mt. St. Helen Division during the duration of the Karmic War. Shortly before the war, Coven (The leader of The Underground (nicknamed "The Resistance") changed his call sign, to Airikr, and the Underground officially became known as "The Resistance", a new nation state. In July 2009, while the Karmic War was still on going, Airikr was field promoted to Phoenix Magistrate. After roughly 7 months of tireless hard work as a Phoenix Magistrate, and staying on longer than planned to ensure TPF recovered post Karma, Airikr resigned and retired from High Gov. as a Phoenix Magistrate, needing a break from it all. Airikr is thus currently an Ember (ex-High Gov.) and Minister of Propaganda within TPF.

War History[]