Aircraft is a special type of military unit newly introduced to Cyber Nations. There are currently 18 types of aircraft, 9 fighter craft and 9 bomber craft, each of which has its own requirements. The initial limit to the number of aircraft that one may own is 50.

Resources which provide aircraft bonuses include:

  • Lead - Lowers aircraft upkeep cost by -20%
  • Aluminum - Lowers initial cost of aircraft by -8%
  • Oil - Lowers initial cost of aircraft by -4%
  • Rubber - Lowers initial cost of aircraft by -4%
  • Space Program - National Wonder Lowers initial cost of aircraft by -5%
  • Construction - Bonus Resource Increases aircraft limit by +10
  • Foreign Air Force Base - National Wonder Increases aircraft limit by +20

Bomber Aircraft Edit

Bomber aircraft are purely offensive in nature, incapable of defending your nation against attack. When deployed on a bombing run, bomber aircraft can destroy a maximum of 20 infrastructure, 20 tanks, and/or 5 Cruise Missiles. The potential destruction of each bombing run depends on the strength rating of your individual aircraft, ranging from 1 to 9. Aircraft with higher strength ratings have more strenuous requirements, as well as greater purchase costs.

Types of Bomber Aircraft Edit

Bomber Aircraft Infra Requirement Tech Requirement Base Purchase Cost Maintenance Cost Strength
AH-1 Cobra10030$10,000$2001
AH-64 Apache20065$15,000$2002
Bristol Blenheim300105$20,000$2003
B-25 Mitchell400150$25,000$2004
B-17G Flying Fortress500200$30,000$2005
B-52 Stratofortress600255$35,000$2006
B-2 Spirit700315$40,000$2007
B-1B Lancer850405$45,000$2008
Tupolev Tu-1601000500$50,000$2009

Fighter Aircraft Edit

Unlike their bomber counterparts, fighter aircraft may be used in both offensive and defensive operations; however, fighters may only engage other aircraft, and are the only type of military unit capable of doing so. Fighters may be deployed on their own, to independently engage other nations aircraft, or they may be sent to escort and defend bombers during bombing runs. As was previously stated, fighters will also engage any incoming bombers and fighters from enemy nations. Much like bombers, each aircraft has an individual strength rating ranging from 1 to 9, and each fighter craft has its own requirements and base purchase costs depending upon this strength rating.

Types of Fighter Aircraft Edit

Fighter Aircraft Infra Requirement Tech Requirement Base Purchase Cost Maintenance Cost Strength
P-51 Mustang20065$15,000$2002
F-86 Sabre300105$20,000$2003
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15400150$25,000$2004
F-100 Super Sabre500200$30,000$2005
F-35 Lightning II600255$35,000$2006
F-15 Eagle700315$40,000$2007
Su-30 MKI850405$45,000$2008
F-22 Raptor1000500$50,000$2009

Trick in Purchasing Aircraft Edit

The above cleverly made system is mathematically proven to provide no methodology in which to attain a higher aircraft strength rating through purchasing greater numbers of cheaper (and weaker) aircraft rather than fewer more expensive (and stronger) aircraft. If one can purchase a single stronger aircraft over several weaker ones, they should do so.

The only condition in which this would not hold true is if fewer numbers of aircraft would have a greater likelihood of being destroyed. This would follow the idea of there being strength in numbers. However, this is unconfirmed, and without confirmation it's just a theoretical concept. Even if it was true, the greater maintenance cost of the proportionally greater number of aircraft may offset this theoretical negative.

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