Air Midway Flight 63 attempted hijacking.
Part of the Jihad War of the United States of JBR
Date March 12, 2011
Location Aerospace governed by the Union of Midway.

AIL attempts to hijack Air Midway Flight 63.

Status Ended
South Africa Union of Midway Flag of AIL Anti-Infidel League of the Islamic Resistance
1 Civilian Aircraft 5 hijackers
Casualties and losses
1 Civilian Aircraft crashed 5 killed

The Air Midway Flight 63 attempted hijacking is the first AIL attack directed towards the Union of Midway. On March 16th, 2011 Air Midway Flight 63 began making it's flight back to Aldebaran after having stopped in New Hawaii. As soon as the plane entered horizontal flight started 5 AIL members hijacked the plane. The plane's target is believed to have been the Union of Midway Capitol Building. The passengers on board took action against the hijackers, and attempted to regain control of the aircraft. However the hijackers put the plane on a steep dive when the passengers attempted this. The plane crashed into the sea, and there were no survivors. In response to this incident the government of the Union of Midway has stepped up airport security.

On March 22, 2011, various individuals that were either high-ranking government officials (including the President and Emperor), or individuals that held large influence in political matters (such as leaders of political parties) all met, and condemned AIL and their allies for purposefully targeting civilians. There were many references to this incident in this meeting. Franz Seidler, a renowned Admiral in the Midwayan Navy, is quoted to have said:

Though civilian casualties are unavoidable in an armed conflict, AIL is purposefully targeting civilians. That has been proved in many events, including Air Midway Flight 63. That is a cowardly tactic, and I will not tolerate it. AIL and your allies, why don't you come out and fight like real soldiers?

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