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Established January 27, 2006
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Afslavistakistania, or simply Afslav, joined CN and the New Pacific Order on January 27, 2006, and has been a loyal Pacifican ever since. He became actively involved in NPO politics around June 2006. He was regarded as one of the NPO's most incognito IOs.

"Most of what I have done has been behind closed doors involving NPO be honest, a lot of what I have done isn't really to be made public."

What is known, however, is the large role that he played in the Ender hacking incident, on which he gave a monologue.

"I believe it was in early December of 2006, maybe the 10th or 11th. We didn't know it was Ender at the time, but further cooperation with IRON led to the discovery. We then declared war on the Empire, of which Ender was the leader, with IRON. I was one of the 3 nations attacking Ender (I stole Emperor Revenge's slot, I think, or maybe it was Dilber's). Anyway, early in the morning in December of 2006, our admins found themselves banned from the forums. Dilber was on the Online Users list, but he said on IRC that he couldn't log in, so we knew we were under attack. The owner of the server, Emperor Electron Sponge, was not online and was not expected to be online for many hours. Since there was nothing else to do, I attempted to hack into the forums myself (that could be done). I was successful, however I could not access the AdminCP. At one point, the hacker decided to make the entire forum publicly viewable. Since I had access to the ModCP, I attempted to delete as many of the threads as I could, hoping that backups were made (they had been). I believe I deleted over 500 threads that night. By that time, all that was left were posts in battalions and the usual body republic chatter. The hacker actually returned control of the forums to us. I still don't know why. He changed the password of Dilber's account to one that had an easily broken hash. At that point the forums were taken down. In the aftermath, it was discovered that he had been trying to make a personal copy of the forum database, but that failed, so he decided to make it public, thinking that it would be somehow damaging."

Afslavistakistania was awarded Hero of the Order while Dilber was Emperor after the Ender hacking incident. He also was appointed Imperial Officer some time later, during GW2, and was tasked with rebuilding the bank. Afslavistakistania was been in ten wars for the order, and planned to keep on fighting for Pacifica to the end.

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