Capital City Luminescenda
Established October 20th, 2006
(4,846 days old)
Government Type Monarchy Monarchy
Nation Team Green team Green
Statistics as of 1/29/07
Total population 4371
Religion Hinduism Hinduism
Currency Currency Dollar Dollar
Infrastructure 404.00
Technology 76.47
Nation Strength 3259.41
Total Area 406.046 Earth icon
Native Resources Coal Gold
Connected Resources Oil Silver Aluminum Lead Iron Lumber Oil Marble Rubber
Bonus Resources Jewelry Steel Microchips Construction Asphalt Radiation Automobile


Aethereality was originally founded as a result of a divide between a central nation. Those that chose to break away from the country each began their own under different ideals, and most were successful, including three of five Chindian nations(the third is a failure) who are allied with GPA. Aethereality, nation that grows slowly due to moderate activity and previous wars, will declare war when it sees fit.


This nation has had over 3000 Casualties. Its first was an unexpected attack by a rogue nation that has since been deleted. During the short time in which Aethereality was part of the Green Protection Agency, its ruler was aided in stopping that war. However, peace could not last long, though this time it was as a result of tensions among the original group that broke away from a central one. This second war was declared against, ruled by Communist Party. This was spurred by both personal and political conflicts. Aethereality quickly sent United Chindia into Anarchy, and left GPA. Because of GATO's policies, the nation was to pay for its destruction or be attacked by several other GATO nations. Aethereality will attack other countries if they are rogues who attack inactive nations or nations it is allied with(as of 12/31/06, it does not have an alliance but is allies with other countries). Its latest war is with Syndicate of the Green Team, who has no alliance affiliation. Syndicate first attacked an inactive CDC member, and now faces dual attacks from Aethereality and another CDC member.


Past Alliances
Green Protection Agency

Cause of Departure:Left on decision to declare war against another nation

Foreign Aid History
Aethereality has had several minor contributions, ranging from 5-40k.
Largest Recieved Package:119k
Gives Amounts to nations in need between 5-100k
Regularly involved in tech deals.
Three Improvements;;Harbor and 2 Banks
Five Star Environment
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