Aequalist Party of Midway
Aequalist Party of the Union of Midway
FoundedMay 15th, 2012
Fiscal positionCenter-Left
Social positionCentre-Left
ChairmanAdama Kouyaté
HeadquartersAldebaran, Union of Midway
Official colors      Blue
Seats in the
- Provincial Committee (all provinces)
- State Committee of the Union of Midway
- Congress of the Union of Midway

22 of 92
2 of 8
4 of 16

The Aequalist Party of the Union of Midway, also known as the Aequalist Party of Midway but commonly known as the Aequalist Party is a political party in the Union of Midway that follows the ideology Aequalism. It was founded by a grassroots movement that started after the publishing of the Principles of Aequalism by Zabuza Hashimoto, which is the document outlining Aequalist principles. It identifies itself as centre-left both fiscally and socially, and strongly advocates social justice. Many of it's members are former members of the Democratic Party of Midway.

It currently holds no seats in any of the government branches. However, this is pending change as elections are planned to be held.

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