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Adventures of Harvey the Hamster: A Cactuar Love Story is the second RIA surrender tale and was published on March 5, 2010 by Yosh (mgregory) of Argent. The contract to write the story was given as one of the surrender terms of the Argent-RIA War. While originally planned to be the first of the RIA surrender tales series it became the second due to a delay in it's publishing and was released after Waffle King, the surrender tale published by the Order of Light.



One day Harvey the Hamster (whose really a gerbil, but really wants to be a hamster) was visiting his best friend Chris the Cactuar. Chris was very sad and told Harvey that he has been very lonely since Carole the Cactuarette left him. That night Harvey decided to help his friend out and jumped on his computer to look for a good date for his friend Chris the Cactuar.


Harvey was searching all night long. There were several responses to his messages but he found out that most of the Cactuarettes were really thorny old male cactuars. After searching all night he finally found the perfect match for his friend Chris. Harvey could hardly wait to tell him the next day. When he finally told Chris he was really excited and decided to go buy the perfect outfit to impress his date.


Chris the Cactuar met Claro the Cactuarette at the finest Italian restaurant in town, Olive Garden. They got to know each other. They found out both liked playing Final Fantasy and taxidermy. After dinner they went to the beach and stayed all night and watched the sunrise.

Cactuar Couplet

Harvey heard the story the next day and was glad he could help is best friend out. Sadly, Harvey still has not found the right hamster. So, Harvey is spending his Friday night back on the internet looking for his soulmate (and more pr0n).


Written by Yosh (aka mgregory)
Hamster Gerbil owned by Ericus, yeah's a gerbil...but he is real, and he and his brother Harry live with me!