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Crown Army - Advanced Soldier Programme
CountryThe Empire of the UK
MottoSoldiers of Tomorrow
OwnerColonel Brick
Launch date31st August 2009

The Advanced Soldier programme is a scheme developed by The Empire of the UK to make the soldiers of tomorrow. It consists of equipment upgrades and advanced technology to develop better soldiers. Using all Technology and Infrastructure availible to the nation, The Empire aims to be halfway in its programme by summer 2010.

Changes to Equipment[]

There will be a lot of changes to the equipment for the Crown Armed Forces, including upgraded aircraft, weaponry, armour and tactics. There will also be a lot of new things introduced to the Crown Armed Forces including tracking systems, new Radios and electronic distance targeting.

New Camouflage Patterns[]

On 1st September 2009, UKBC announced the launch of the 09 pattern ranges of camouflage. The Ranges of 09 camo pattern include; African, Desert, Woodland and Urban. Designed by Colonel Brick, the patterns are one step closer to a soldier of tomorrow.


Woodland 09 Camo


Urban Camouflage 09 Patt


African 09 Pattern Camo


Desert 09 Patt