Admissions ActEdit

Article I.Edit

All terms set forth below must be satisfied to receive entry to The Centurion Brotherhood.

Article II.Edit

Applicant nations must register on the official alliance forums and complete an application form.

Article III.Edit

Applicant nations must change Alliance Affiliation to “The Centurion Brotherhood” immediately before applying.

Article IV.Edit

Applicant nations may not be involved in any offensive or defensive wars at the time of application. The Patriarchs will make allowances for unavoidable wars.

Article V.Edit

All applicants are masked as Cadets upon admission. Cadets will either report to the Academy, or take an equivalence test (with permission from the Director of Education) to graduate to full membership.

Article VI.Edit

Applicants may be outright rejected if they are on the enemy list of one of The Centurion Brotherhood’s allies, if the applicant is a known criminal, or if the applicant was a past member of the alliance and did not provide reason for previous departure, or left under unpleasant terms.

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