Map of the territory of the Pacific Empire

The territory of the Pacific Empire started from the islands of: the Federated States of Micronesia, the Marshall Islands, the Solomon Islands, the Mariana Islands (including Guam and the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands), the Bismarck Archipelago (including Papua New Guinea), and New Guinea (including Papua and West Papua).

During the course of the Pacific Empire's history, it has absorbed most of Southeast Asia: Brunei, Burma, Cambodia, East Timor, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. It has also absorbed all of the islands of Micronesia, Polynesia, and Melanesia (including the Torres Strait Islands).

The empire has also stretched its territories further more with the inclusion of: Japan, South Korea, the southeastern coast of China (including Hong Kong, Macau, Hainan, Guangxi, Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Yunnan, and Shanghai), Taiwan, the Spratly Islands, the Christmas Island, the Cocos (Keeling) Islands, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, and Hawaii.

The Pacific Empire has recently annexed some of the territories of the defunct Arctic Federation which includes Iceland and the northern territories/islands of Norway. The Pacific Empire has also purchased the territories of the Penguin Village in Antarctica from the coalition that occupied it since OPERATION: FIRST BLOOD, bolstering the territory of the empire. Currently, it has already most of the Oceania and Pacific regions under its rule while claiming a considerable amount of Asia, especially Southeast Asia.


A strategically-placed artificial island in the Pacific that harvests energy efficiently through the sea, wind, and sun. ATLANTIS serves as the main island of the Pacific Empire, the capital Jaegar Kingdom is located inside ATLANTIS. ATLANTIS also serves as the center of political, military, and economic power. ATLANTIS is further divided into five areas.

Jaegar Kingdom/Central ATLANTISEdit

Western ATLANTISEdit

  • ATLANTIS Supreme Headquarters & High Command Center - the main headquarters of the Imperial Military. Official office of the War Council.
  • Daedalus Airbase - the biggest airbase of the empire. The first mass driver ever constructed by the Pacific Empire.
  • Krung Thep Naval Base - the biggest naval base of the empire. Most retired warships are stationed here.
  • Endymion Base - the first Super Soldier factory and training facility of the empire.
  • Green Earth Base - the main headquarters of the Imperial Armed Defense Force.
  • Red Star Base - the main headquarters of the Imperial Invasion Force.
  • Blue Moon Base - the main headquarters of the Imperial Militia Force.
  • A lot of military facilities and war factories are located here
  • A lot of weapons research institutes can be found here
  • BLITZ Weapons - the first branch of a private defense company
  • BLITZ Academy - the only mercenary training school and only branch of a private security company

Northern ATLANTISEdit


Copernicus Harbor, Northern ATLANTIS

  • Copernicus Harbor - main harbor of the Pacific Empire. It is the biggest and busiest harbor of all.
  • Heliopolis - resource gathering facility
  • Boaz Center - a recycling facility for chemicals, dangerous substances, and special materials.
    • Nuclear Waste Recycle Plant
    • Plasma Arc Waste Disposal
  • Artemis Warehouse - largest storage facility for products and resources
  • Lagash Plant - biggest energy power plant of the empire. Within the compound there are:
    • Solar power plant
    • Geothermal power plant
    • Wind power plant
    • Nuclear power plant
    • Antimatter power plant
  • Artemis Dam - biggest hydro-power plant and water purifying station. It is also in charge of distributing potable, clean water to the residential areas of the Pacific Empire.
  • Debris Center - biggest renewable energy power plant and landfill
  • Several factories and manufacturing facilities have been constructed here
  • Troya Port - the main and largest seaport
  • Troya Airport - the main and largest airport

Southern ATLANTISEdit

  • Residential area of ATLANTIS
  • ATLANTIS Natural Park - biggest artificial ecosystem of the empire
  • Heavily commercialized

Eastern ATLANTISEdit

  • Most commercialized location of ATLANTIS and of the whole empire
  • A lot of business offices and buildings are located here
  • Pacific News and Propaganda Network - the biggest news network of the empire


The micro-nations that ATLANTIS have colonized through the years. ATLANTIS successfully exploited these colonies for its own profit and added strength. Most of the colonies of the Pacific Empire were invaded trough the orders of Bismark, Terence and Rudolf Jaegar in hopes of getting international recognition to acknowledge ATLANTIS' declaration of independence.

Pacific Empire Colony Flag
Governor-Generals of each Colony
Colony 1 Alexander Leon
Colony 2 Lacus Yamato
Colony 3 Fang Liu Mei
Colony 4 Sergei Pang Hercules
Colony 5 Euphemia Clyne
Colony 6 Caren Franboise
Colony 7 Lily Sabre
Colony 8 Lottie Parfacy
Colony 9 Raven Bandersnatch
Colony 10 Cheshire Jabberwock
Colony 11 Alice Ortensia
Colony 12 Glen Rufus Zai
Colony 13 Jack Phillipe
Colony 14 Brian Roscoe
Colony 15 Cordelia Gallo
Colony 16 Victorique de Blois
Colony 17 Anya Fidget
Colony 18 Alejandro Tigre
Colony 19 Roy Kazekage
Colony 20 Lara Selvanas
Colony 21 Luna Langrange
Colony 22 Zick Voltur
Arctic Federation Animus Valkyria
Penguin Village Anima Valkyria

Colony 1Edit

  • Location: Brunei
  • A densely populated colony that also has a lot of slums
  • There are some riots happening here most of the time
  • Disorder and poverty are the main problems of this colony
  • Currently undergoing major reconstruction

Reconstruction of some parts of Colony 1


Reconstruction area at night

Colony 2Edit

- an island rich with resources; most of the citizens here are working to gather resources found in this colony; also heavily commercialized

Colony 3Edit

- the colony known for its citizens' massive work force; most of the people born in this colony travels to the main land for work

Colony 4Edit

  • Location: Cocos (Keeling) Islands
  • It was once a place of steady prosperity but after Operation: Armored Heaven, it was left in ruins.
  • It slowly being rebuilt to its former glory.
  • Fouzen Imperial Jail - the largest and main detention facility of the empire.

Colony 5Edit

- an island known for its vast forests and wildlife; the whole colony is a protected environment zone and most of the people here work as protectors of the environment

Colony 6Edit

- an island known as a tourist destination for its wonderful beaches and resorts

Colony 7Edit


Military base in Colonies 7, 9, 10, and 19

- a colony that was converted into a military base; this island's location is very strategic since it could be used as a military outpost for the empire's border

Colony 8Edit


Colony 8 with its prominent Force Field Defense Generator

  • Location: Thailand
  • A colony known as an agricultural island
  • Most of the empire's food supply comes from this colony
  • A unique defense system was also installed in this colony to prevent the empire's food supply to be disrupted by wars

Colony 9Edit

- a colony that was converted into a military base; this island's location is very strategic since it could be used as a military outpost for the empire's border

Colony 10Edit

- a colony that was converted into a military base; this island's location is very strategic since it could be used as a military outpost for the empire's border

Colony 11Edit


One of the islands of Colony 11 under construction

  • Location: Polynesia
  • A developing colony that is being converted into a commercial/business location and tourist destination

Colony 12Edit


Cone Tent Base

  • Location: Micronesia, Philippines
  • A rural island that provides agricultural products to the empire
  • A famous destination for people seeking a quiet vacation to relieve stress
  • Cone Tent Base - a military base built inside a mountain.

Colony 13Edit

Vacation castle

Jaegar Vacation Castle

  • Location: Philippines
  • An island that has numerous natural wonders
  • A famous tourist spot
  • Jaegar Vacation Castle - the Jaegar family's official vacation house

Colony 14Edit


One of the island-harbors of Colony 14

  • Location: Vietnam, Laos, Singapore
  • A colony known for its industrial factories and products
  • Heavily commercialized
  • One of the busiest harbors of the empire

Colony 15Edit

  • Location: Burma
  • A colony known for its rich culture and traditions
  • It is considered as a historical heritage site with most of its inhabitants still practicing the old-fashioned ways of life

Colony 16Edit


Satellite image of Colony 16

- a colony known for producing cheap hardware and products; also a famous supplier of sweets and confectioneries.

Colony 17Edit

  • Location: Micronesia, Philippines
  • A colony that generally uses fishing as its main source of income
  • An island with a lot of resorts and beaches
  • A lot of tourists come here all the time especially during summer
  • Polo Base - a military research base and silo

Colony 18Edit

  • Location: La Paz Sand Dunes, Philippines
  • Lagros Base - biggest underground military base of the empire
  • A colony dominated by sand and scorching heat
  • Most villages and cities are built underground to protect people from the harsh environment

Colony 19Edit

Location: East Timor

  • A colony that was converted into a military base
  • This colony's location is very strategic since it could be used as a military outpost for the empire's border

Colony 20Edit


A harbor of Colony 20

  • Location: Hong Kong, Macau, Hainan
  • A colony known for its busy harbors and sea ports
  • A lot of cargo ships stop by for refueling and stocking on supplies here before going back on its route

Colony 21Edit

Colony 22Edit

- a colony known as the biggest supplier of microchips, computer parts and electrical gadgets

Arctic FederationEdit

Penguin VillageEdit

  • Location: Antarctica
  • Only colony purchased by the Pacific Empire.
  • Converted into a military base because of its seclusion.
  • Antarctic Headquarters & Command Center - the largest headquarters of the Imperial Military.
  • Black Hole Base - the main headquarters of the Imperial intelligence and Covert Operations Agency.
  • Heaven's Base - a large military compound/installation occupying almost half of the entire colony
    • Heaven's Gate - a large wall/fort built around the base to protect it from incoming threats
    • Scientific institutions and laboratories have been constructed here because of its seclusion.
    • Most military facilities and war factories are located here.
    • Imperial Pacific Advance Research & Development Institute - an institution dedicated in pushing science and technology to the limit
    • Lorentz Base - the largest Super Soldier factory and training facility of the empire.
    • BLITZ Tech - largest branch of a private scientific company
    • BLITZ Weapons - largest branch of a private defense company
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