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The Prime Minister of New Libertaria currently appoints and oversees a governmental system which is divided into departments. Ministerial Departments are led politically by a Government Minister, a member of the Cabinet and cover matters that require direct political oversight. He or she is generally supported by a team of junior Ministers. Subordinate to these Ministerial Departments are executive agencies. An Executive Agency has a degree of autonomy to perform an operational function and report to one or more specific Government Departments, which will set the funding and strategic policy.[1]

Prime Minister[]

House Of Electors Prime Minister Douglas Butcher (NCP) Chancellor Butcher
House Of Electors Deputy Prime Minister Aloysius Blackmun (CCP) Aloyisius blackmun

Military Command Council[]

Royal High Command (RHC) Field Marshal Roland Van Diemen Field Marshal
Royal Naval Command (RNC) Fleet Admiral Horatio M. Crunch Admiral crunch
Royal Air Command (RAC) Air Marshal Jan Starkweather Air marshal of nl

Cabinet Ministers[]

Department Office Office Holder Portrait
Ministry Of
Finance Minister Malcolm Stevenson Malcolm Stevenson
Ministry Of
Interior Minister Richard Charles Richard Charles
Ministry Of
Defense Minister Richard Bruce Richard Bruce
Ministry Of
Diplomatic Affairs
Foreign Minister Charles Lynton Charles Lynton
Ministry Of
Ports & Trade
Harbormaster General Marcellus Shale Marcellus Shale
Ministry Of
Justice Minister William Louis Rudolph William Louis Rudolph
Ministry Of
Intelligence Minister James Stock 493px-Sir-roger-moore-1
Ministry Of
Border Security
Homeland Minister Duncan Lee Duncan Lee
Ministry Of
Banking Affairs
Commerce Minister Roald Ernst Roald Ernst
Ministry Of
Industrial Affairs
Industry Minister Lido DeCoke Lido de Coke
Ministry Of
Education Minister Dr. Willem Wisselbok Willem Wisselbok
Ministry Of
Health Care
Health Minister Joseph P. Optenkill Joseph Love
Ministry Of
Prisons Minister Norton Gunn Norton Gunn
Ministry Of
Sports & Culture
Sports Minister James Blackberry James Blackberry


  1. Banks: 5, Border Walls: 5, Churches: 5, Clinics: 5, Drydocks: 1, Factories: 5, Foreign Ministries: 1, Harbors: 1, Hospitals: 1, Intelligence Agencies: 5, Labor Camps: 5, Police Headquarters: 5, Schools: 5, Shipyards: 1, Stadiums: 5, Universities: 2
  2. Drydocks: 1, Shipyards: 1
  3. Foreign Ministries: 1
  4. Harbors: 1
  5. Police Headquarters: 5
  6. Intelligence Agencies: 5
  7. Border Walls: 5
  8. Banks: 5
  9. Factories: 5
  10. Schools: 5, Universities: 2
  11. Clinics: 5, Hospitals: 1
  12. Labor Camps: 5
  13. Stadiums: 5