The nation of Adjikistan is situated around southern Pakistan and western India, in the Indian Subcontinent. The capital is called "Karachi Ka Bacha", after the city of Karachi, which is the largest city of Pakistan. Adjikistan is ruled by the grand Sultan of Adjikistan, who is often referred to as "Adjik". Adjik and Adjikistan have made great contributions to Sparta's defence structure, once even serving as the Ephor of Defence for the alliance and during that term, founding the alliance's new defence structure and making significant changes to the Spartan war-guide. After retiring, Adjik took on a post for Deputy Ephor of Defence, to help out the Ephor, Johnathan Flahery, during which he coordinated the war against Big Biz and the Spartan nuclear program, which raised Sparta's nuke count from around 380 to 500 in less than 2 months. After over 4 months serving Spartan defence as an Ephor or Deputy Ephor, Adjikistan made way for new Spartans to try their luck in defence.

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