The Liberation Army consists of the official and collective armed forces of the South Sudan. The LA is also sometimes referred to as the "Servant's Army" due both to its Christian composition and also its frequent assistance of allies and neighbors, often departing by brigades to fight for others.

Military BranchesEdit

Uniquely, the armed forces of South Sudan are not ultimately divided into separate branches like unto other modern militaries, but are rather subjected completely to the one single Liberation Army. In this way there is no lack of power behind LA endeavours or unnecessary coordinating between commanders; whatever is needed - air, sea, or land - it is at the fingertips of a single command group and is ready upon request.

Continental DivisionEdit

All land forces of the Liberation Army are part of the Continental Division. The CoDi (shortage), in turn, consists of multiple Armour and Infantry units which together are responsible for engaging enemies in all ground warfare. Among the premier CoDi units are:

12th Army GroupEdit

The elite unit of the LA's CoDi. TAG is often the first unit to engage during a foreign war, and is renowned for its aggressive tactics.

Maritime DivisionEdit

All seafaring forces of the South Sudan are part of the Maritime, or Nautical Division. The Maritime (otherwise known as "Nautics"), is at this time de-commissioned.

Airbourne DivisionEdit

All airborne forces of the South Sudan are included in this division. Though the FFS generally prefers to keep its battles on the ground, and in general likes to maintain a pure fighter force for the purpose of battling enemy aircraft specifically, it will nonetheless activate its bomber corps. if necessary. The Sudani Airforce is currently de-commissioned.

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