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Treaty text[]

A. We hold these truths to be self evident.[]

  1. War without just cause is wrong. Particularly against our Friend in Treaty.
  2. Spying is never required or polite. Particularly on our Friend in Treaty.
  3. Treating everyone with manners requires no extra effort. Particularly to our Friend in Treaty.
  4. Providing a helping hand to those in need is always the right thing to do. Particularly for our Friend in Treaty.
  5. Those who share knowledge gain from the act. Particularly with our Friend in Treaty.
  6. The information that we uncover should be shared with those who need to know. Particularly about our Friend in Treaty.
  7. When one disagrees it is always better to talk than fight. Particularly to our Friend in Treaty.

B. So let us be clear.[]

  1. We shall endeavor closer economic ties.
  2. Should conflict find us we may ask but not demand defensive help of our treaty partner.
  3. Should we seek war or find ourselves in conflict due to outside treaties, then our partner has no legal or moral obligation to provide assistance.
  4. Should amendment needs be made to this treaty, it may be enacted with mutual consent.
  5. Should we no longer feel able to live up to our obligations, this treaty may be voided with 96 hours of notice, and an additional 96 hour non-aggression period will apply.

C. In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.[]

  1. A treaty is not a prerequisite to doing what is right.
  2. Our word is the most we can offer and the least that may be expected.
  3. Friendship is the reason to expect more of our friends and chastise them when they do not meet their own high standards.
  4. Respect is a given, friendship is grown.
  5. It is best to judge someone by the friends they keep and the enemies they make.
  6. Doing what is right all the time is Honour.

Signed for The Order of the Black Rose[]

  • On behalf of Queen AterAtra
    • Sir Winslow Knight Protector
    • Sir Neboe
    • Dame Hime Themis

Signed for MFO[]

  • JoshuaR