A New Leaf Pact

New Pacific Order
The Order of Righteous Nations

Treaty Type: PIAT
Treaty Signed: August 12, 2012
Treaty Terminated: August 29, 2013
Treaty Status: Defunct

A New Leaf Pact was a PIAT agreement between the New Pacific Order and The Order of Righteous Nations. The treaty became defunct when TORN merged into Valhalla on August 29, 2013.


The Order of Righteous Nations and the New Pacific Order come together to rekindle their relationship by signing this Peace, Intelligence and Aid Pact, titled, appropriately, "A New Leaf Pact".

Article One - CamaraderieEdit

TORN and the NPO agree to foster a spirit of camaraderie between their two alliances. In order to do this, both agree to refrain from any sort of hostile act against the other, to share any information that might be of use to the other, and to respect each other in all venues.

Article Two - AidEdit

TORN and the NPO agree to also foster a working relationship between their two alliances. Either may request aid of any sort that the other is encouraged but not obligated to fulfill. Tech deals in particular are encouraged in order to grow the economies of both alliances.

Article Three - CancellationEdit

TORN and the NPO agree that if either feels this Pact is no longer in either of their best interests, they will notify the other of the intention to cancel. All provisions of the Pact will still be in effect for forty-eight hours afterword.


For The Order of Righteous Nations:

Triumvir of War, SinisterCanuck
Triumvir of Internal Affairs, EnzoCosta
Vampire Slayer, mythicknight
Representative, remnant
God-King (Coup'd Triumvir of Internal Affairs), StevieG

For the New Pacific Order:

Emperor of the New Pacific Order
Sword of the Order

Imperial Regent of the New Pacific Order
Judicator of the Order

Farrin Xies,
Imperial Officer of Foreign Affairs
Purveyor of an FA Direction

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