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This alliance merged to become part of Sans Pareil.

Merger occurred on/around August 19, 2007

Timeline Edit

January 13, 2007-APIN founded by Tatalia and Iacott (gymchris5), APIN Charter published

January 18, 2007-APIN forums established

January 29, 2007-Constitutional Amendment: Terms of Cabinet members limited to three months; terms of Senators limited to two months. (By Consular Edict)

February 3, 2007-First APIN foreign embassy opened with Independent Oceanic Nations

February 20–21, 2007-Pottenbury Crisis; a third party hijacks the nation of Pottenbury and uses it to embarrass APIN. Pottenbury invaded by multiple aggrieved nations. Crisis resolved with reparations of $20,000 and an official apology.

Night of February 24–25, 2007-Neeman Infiltration brings the Imperial Assault Alliance to declare war on APIN due to a misunderstanding. Rolling Kansas, Diplomatic Minister, and Co-Consul Tatalia begin negotiations and achieve temporary cease-fire around midnight.

March 21, 2007-First treaty signed: PIAT with IAA.

March 24, 2007-Rolling Kansas, Diplomatic Minister, takes leave of absence related to GWIII.

March 25, 2007-APIN declares a state of war with GGA, entering GWIII, in support of the PIAT with IAA.

March 26, 2007-After renewed consideration, the alliance leadership requests peace from GGA and achieves honorable peace. Co-Consul Tatalia takes temporary leave of absence. APIN is referred to as a model of determined membership and peaceful intent.

August 19, 2007-APIN merges into Sans Pareil.

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