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This alliance has disbanded
This alliance has disbanded.
AOD Brigade
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AODB Official Flag

AODB Official Flag

Vertical AODB Flag
Vertical AODB Flag
Team Color Purple team Purple
Founded 14 January 2008
  • Professor (Leader): band20
  • High Sage (2nd-in-command): TBA
  • Great Sage (MoIA): Nagato-san
  • Grand Sage (MoFA): Kellory
  • Combat Sage (MoD): Mio
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The AOD Brigade is a purple alliance and a signatory of the economic portion of Purple Unity, called PEACE. The alliance is now over a 1000 days old after celebrating 1000 days on 10/10/10. It was founded on 14 January 2008 - the five original Brigadiers being Kellory, Psychoidiot, Mirreille, Empress Maora, and Nagato-san.


The AOD Brigade is a strictly invitation only alliance that has been playing the game for three years. To join the AOD Brigade an individual must have a recommendation from a current member (who is also willing to sponsor them) and be willing to abide by the Brigade policies as found on the alliance forums. Currently we have no applicant alliance and as such applicant members are given a 60 day trial period before becoming full members. The AOD Brigade believes in growing its new nations quickly and efficiently, due to the investment we make in new nations, if a nation leaves before the 60 days they may be required to repay aid given. Applicant members have all the rights and protections of full members except they cannot run for office.


The AOD Brigade functions as an enlightened dictatorship under the guidance of the Brigade Professor, band20. While most decisions are made by band20, some major decisions are decided by an alliance vote. There are three staff officers of the alliance who assist band20 in the operations of the alliance. The Great Sage (Minister of Internal Affairs) is currently Nagato-san. The position of Grand Sage (Minister of Foreign Affairs) is currently held by Kellory. The final position belongs to Mio who now holds the position of Battle Sage (Minister of Defense).

Raiding Stance[]

The AOD Brigade does not allow raiding by any of its members and is currently a member of the FoS pact. Members caught raiding will face very stiff penalties up to and including the possible expulsion of said member from the alliance.


The AOD Brigade currently holds the following treaties.

Former Treaties