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ANZAC Day Offensive
Part of the Jernan Civil War
Map showing offensives by Loyalist forces
Date 25 April - 3 May 20151
Location Republic of Jerna
Result Decisive Arrnea Loyalist victory
Loyalist forces take control of the Republic of Jerna, except for Geraldton and Jerna City.
Flag of the Republic of Jerna Arrnea Loyalists
ScanFed ScanFederation
SicilianAllianceFlag Sicilian Alliance
Flag of Großgermania Großgermania
Flag of the Republic of Jerna People's Armed Forces
PSPRJFLag Arrnea
ScanFed Auel Firestorm
SicilianAllianceFlag Luciano Zito
Flag of Großgermania Günter Kehrer
Flag of the Republic of Jerna William Alcock
Flag of the Republic of Jerna Michael Anderson
Flag of the Republic of Jerna Richard Andrews
Flag of the Republic of Jerna Angus Fender
Flag of the Republic of Jerna Harvey Rawlings
Arrnea Loyalists
1 Avalon ACV
16 Battle Suits
1,000 PAF deserters
83 tanks
116 aircraft
3,000 infantry
370 tanks
Sicilian Alliance
6,000 infantry
300 tanks
93 aircraft
12,000 infantry
249 tanks
93 aircraft

27,184 total personnel
25,000 infantry
1,500 tanks
180 aircraft

31,180 total personnel
Casualties and losses
Arrnea Loyalists
14 infantry killed
17 infantry wounded
2 tanks destroyed
5 aircraft lost
27 infantry killed
43 infantry wounded
5 tanks destroyed
Sicilian Alliance
31 infantry killed
73 infantry wounded
4 tanks destroyed
2 aircraft lost
104 infantry killed
183 infantry wounded
9 tanks destroyed
5 aircraft lost

584 total casualties
361 infantry killed
3,483 infantry captured
19,354 infantry deserted
103 tanks destroyed
1,256 tanks deserted
83 aircraft lost
97 aircraft deserted

28,814 total casualties
1 Using the Jernan Calendar Sysytem; foreign nations involved in the war mark the year as 2009.

The ANZAC Day Offensive (deemed Operation Königreich Jerusalem by Großgermania) was a large offensive conducted by Arrnea Loyalist forces against the People's Armed Forces of the Republic of Jerna, during the Jernan Civil War. Beginning on the 25th of April, 2015 (ANZAC Day), and ending on the 3rd of May, it was successful in routing forces of the PAF loyal to the military Junta ruling the nation from Jerna City from much of the country, with only Geraldton and Jerna City itself remaining under PAF control at the conclusion of the offensive.

The ease by which Loyalist forces took over much of the country was largely due to an extremely high rate of desertion amongst the PAF forces after the resounding defeat of PAF forces at the Second Battle of Southport and the Battle of Mount Barker, allowing Loyalist forces to capture many towns and cities with little or no resistance. Due to this, the number of soldiers killed was relatively low on both sides, with more soldiers being killed during the Battle of Mount Barker than were killed during the entire ANZAC Day Offensive.