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The AKP-88 or Avtomatik Katerina Paratropa 88 Was A New Sniper Rifle Based On AIAW Sniper Rifle Of United Kingdom,The Red October Armed Forces Acquired This Rifle As A New Sniper Rifle For The First Time,It Was Named After Anna Katherine Popplewell Of Narnia Series,Based On Three Letters AKP Her Name Will Start At The First Letter A And Her Middle Name Is K And Final Name Is P.


The AKP-88 Has A Attachments In The Nozzle Or In The Gun Itself It Has Supressor,Night Optics,The S150 Sniper Scope And Long Range Nozzle Including Long Range Twin Scope.


The Shirada Industries Is The Main Producer Of This Sniper Rifle It Produces 500 Everyday Worth 5000 Rifles A Week And 15000 Per Month.