AKDragon92 has been a member of the New Pacific Order since April 2007. He was at one point the Battalion Lt. of Gamma.


AKDragon92 joined CN on the 4/25/2007 after seeing three of his friends playing the game. He joined the NPO after signing up for the main CN forum, doing a bit of research and finding out the NPO were the premier alliance in the game. Due to time commitments in real life he took three tries to pass the academy exam (this was due to him failing to submit it within the time limit rather than due to wrong answers) but following a freeing up of his schedule he quickly finished the exam and began his career in the NPO. He was surprised at how organised the NPO was but did not get heavily involved until after the ‘August coup’ when he first signed onto IRC. He has found that he has grown to love the NPO not just because of its stance in CN but also because of its members. The diversity of its members and the level and strength of its organization are two of the NPO’s biggest strengths in AKDragon92’s opinion allowing the NPO to function efficiently and effectively as an alliance no matter how large it grows or the situation it finds itself in. He cites himself as one of the more crazy, fun loving and happy go lucky guys in the NPO which has lead to numerous stories and quotes from IRC and real life. He has held and does hold numerous positions within the alliance and that’s unlikely to change with AKDragon92 being proud to be a member of ‘THE best alliance in the game, in so many ways’.

Positions HeldEdit

  • Gamma Battalion Lt
  • New Pacific Trading Company Manager (former)
  • Military Intelligence Field Agent
  • Military NCO (promoted)
  • Mentor (resigned)
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