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AITG Empire is an country which was founded by their alltime ruler, Lekiamh. At the day it was founded, May 31, 2007, it immediately began to grow. It became an member of the FOK! alliance, which members are all from the Dutch board FOK!. Having made huge progress, soon the first war was declared. On the 6th of June, the FOK asked its members to attack the nation Islamoville, because it attacked without permission of the alliance. AITG Empire decisively destroyed its enemy and soon Islamoville was in Anarchy. Peace was demanded and accepted at the 13th of June. AITG Empire was still growing very fast, entering the top 40 of the FOK! alliance. When Tristanya asked three of the smaller nations to help him to get a betrayer into Anarchy, AITG Empire immediately decided to help. This nation, Atlantas, was quickly overrun, merely because AITG Empire had Cruise Missiles thrown at him. Now, AITG Empiree leans back and enjoyes its well deserved peacetime.

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