AGW Overlords
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AGWO Official Flag
AGWO Motto: "Hold my beer and watch this!"
Team Color Black team Black
Founder(s) Alien of Alienation
Founded December 19, 2007
  • President: Vacant
  • Acting President: Unruly
  • Vice President: Unruly of Republique de Buja
  • Minister of Defense: rhone of Roanian
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs: kekule of Goatlandia
  • Minister of Finance: mtndew of Dewvania
International relations See below

AllianceStats Statistics as of Feb 18, 2012

Total Nations 20
30-day net gain
Avg. Strength 44,435
Nukes 200
Aid Efficiency 18 / 109 (16.51%)
Rank 91
Score 3.50
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The AGW Overlords is a long standing black team alliance that grew from a community starting from a charmingly archaic online WWII combat simulation game called "Warbirds". A fierce bunch of innernet fighters pilots, we are (or were at one point). Although most alliance members no longer participate in the online game, we are very active in the online forum (originating from which focuses on intelligent discourse about a wide range of topics of interest in the world today.


P-38L from Warbirds 2D graphics era. Great memories, great times!

Mostly intelligent, in any case. The central theme that binds the majority of us together is the great interest in history with a focus on the air war of World War II. However, discussions are not limited and include current world affairs, general history, military history, politics, science, religion, art and yes, even wine, women, and song. Members from many different countries provide interesting and sometimes unexpected opinions.

The AGW Overlords founders have a history of fighting, gaming, arguing, and friendship that spans over a decade. The Overlords are characterized by comradery, organizational skills, loyalty, and consuming frightening quantities of malted beverages.

We welcome new members, and provide generous financial assistance to new members as well as a robust internal tech trading organization. You will find yourself a member of a friendly, fast-growing, tightly knit Alliance like no other. All we ask is your loyalty and comradery in return. Oh, and have fun building your nation and the various tweaks with the number crunching. It's serious business, after all! Stop by our forums and introduce yourself!


Old AGWO flag used in the AGW-Axis War.

Foreign relationsEdit

Treaty Type Treaty Partner(s) Status Signed
The Old Newbies Accord MDoAP CotMFlag Children of the Morrighan Active August 28, 2016
The Blacker Than The Blackest Black Times Infinity Accords MDoAP Flag of Sparta Sparta Active Feb 11, 2012
AGW con Paraguas MDoAP Flag of Bal Masqué Bal Masqué / Paraguas Defunct Feb 26, 2012

Other relations

Economic web of tech trade with:

War historyEdit

AGW-Axis War The Guard, Hell-Fighters, The Buccaneers White Peace
NG-AGWO War Non Grata AGWO raided ... raiders were nuked
Dave War Non Grata Ended 04 Aug 2012

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