Date May 29 - June 3, 2008
Result White peace; tech deal
Preceded by
Golden Sabres War
Succeeded by
Atlantic Empire
Nations: 137
Total NS: 1,867,598
Nukes: 233
Average NS: 13,635
Score: 7.68

103,736 land
385,847 infra.
59,887 tech
1,825,727 soldiers
130,163 tanks
1,847 cruise missiles

Nations: 28
Total NS: 163,002
Nukes: 0
Average NS: 5,822
Combined Score: 0.84

10,535 land
39,737 infra.
3,164 tech
121,692 soldiers
5,640 tanks
189 cruise missiles

Timeline and ReferencesEdit

May 29, 2008

May 30, 2008

June 3, 2008


* White peace
  • A special tech deal, outlined below

Tech Deal Information: AE will buy 1500 tech for 60mil from FINAL. This comes out to 4 million per 100 tech on average.

For the mathematically impaired, here is an example of how this can be done properly:

  • 1000 tech @ 3mil per 100 tech
  • 500 tech @ 3mil per 50 tech

Signed in good faith,

For Atlantic Empire,

  • Augusta Antonia, Acting Triumvir
  • x Tela x, Foreign Affairs Advisor


  • Master Plo Koon, Acting President
AE-FINAL Peace Terms

Bunghole Jargis tells this story.(BIASED) (AE) Edit

This war began 5000 years ago in the future last Thursday.

The Atlantic Empire wished to aid in the improving and rebuilding of FINAL because we were BFF's! ^.^! But in the end many of FINAL's government and regular members went to other alliances ;_; including our own! :)! But after that they had a corrupt government that has had a history of being anti-AE ;_;! Even after that we still tried to be BFF's but they were like >:(

In a shocking turn of events it turned out there was a dirty spy in FINAL but was expelled from their cheerleading squad. But then they changed their minds and let him back in :( and even let him in the government >:(! After constant flaming, spitwads, and kick-me signs on our members in AE foreign embassies there and on IRC and a catfight after that we decided to stop hugging our Care Bears and writing in our diaries and demanded an apology which was agreed on but never came! ;_;!
Now we have got our crew and are going to smoke these Bloods yo, dig dawg?

Controversy Edit

In Ragnarok's withdraw of support and treaty cancellation, they cited a weak CB as one of their reasons. This prompted rumors of a falling out between RoK and AE government. That same day, a member of AE government (Sebastian) stepped down and issued a public apology to Van Hoo III, Emperor of Ragnarok.

This incident, along with comments from several prominent members of the Aqua community, gave a strong indication of the sphere's displeasure with AE's decision to attack an aqua alliance due to the upcoming Aqua Interalliance Cooperation & Economic Treaty, however AE had already moved to blue, although it was unannounced at the time.

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