National flag

National flag
Follow the emperor
National Anthem
Saints go marching
Capital City Troy
Official Language(s) Ninjian
Demonym Skandinavian
Ruler 98ironman988
Alliance TENE
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History of Atlantis[edit | edit source]

Earliest history of Atlantis[edit | edit source]

October 9, 2010 Atlantis rose out of the ashes. The nation was a part of TENE two days later 10/11/2010. The young nation's leader didn't know at that time, but he would be a part of something more than just a member in his alliance.

98ironman's Era of being DoFA[edit | edit source]

Not long after joining His alliance, TENE, 98ironman988 became an ambassador, then discovered the Deputy role. Around 10/19/2010.

He served under VeritasK for a month, then VeritasK resigned from MoFA, leaving the position open. During this period 98ironman988 had no leader other than the emperor. A week later, he was accepted as MoFA.

MoFA[edit | edit source]

On December 2, 2010 KemMo became his DoFA and KemMo is his first Deputy.

The new Atlantis, Dragondon[edit | edit source]

98ironman988 came back from vaction to find his beloved TENE gone, he knew nowhere to turn but an alliance known as Ragnarok. He graduated the academy with a 90.3 average, enough to go into officer training. 98ironman988 is currently an ambassador for GOONS, Non Grata, And Mushroom Kingdom. But soon his academic studies murdered his time to maintain activity and help. The nation of Dragondon collapsed due to anarchy, and soon dissapeared into the sands of time

Third times the charm, right?[edit | edit source]

After 98ironman988 got back into the light of politics the day he created his account. (6/22/2012) ALthough he was gone for a substansial ammount of time, he began to get into the swing of things once more. Now the world waits, unbeknowest of him, and watches him in the back of their mind. This new nation, Oblivion, would grow or be destroyed. It's fate lied in the hands of fate.

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