National flag

National flag
Follow the emperor
National Anthem
Saints go marching
Capital City Troy
Official Language(s) Ninjian
Demonym Skandinavian
Ruler 98ironman988
Alliance The Empire of the New Evolution
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History of Atlantis

Earliest history of Atlantis

On October ninth, two-thousand and ten, 10/9/2010 The nation known as Atlantis rose out of the ashes of time. The nation was a part of Tene two days later 10/11/2010. The young nation's leader didn't know at that time, but he would be a part of something more than just a member in his alliance.

98ironman's Era of being DoFA

Not long after joining His alliance, TENE, 98ironman988 became an ambassidor, then discovered the Deputy role. Around 10/19/2010

He surved under VeritasK for a month, then VeritasK resigned from MoFA, leaving the position open. During this period 98ironman988 had no leader other than the emporer. A week later, he was accepted as MoFA


On December second, two thousand ten 12/2/10 KemMo became his DoFA and KemMo is his first Deputy

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