Tank KM1

A tank from 5.SS Wk strolls through Berlin

5.SS Wiking sPzAb

Fifth Heavy Panzer Division "SS Viking"

5SS (As it shall be adressed as for the rest of the article) refers either to the World War II Panzer Division of Nazi Germany, or the currently Panzer Division from the nation Deutschland

In WWII, 5SS was remarkable not only for its outstanding performance in combat but also for its lack of any human rights violations, as well as its lack of relation with the holocaust, that is why Kaiser Martens of the nation Deutschland, has chosen for his personal Panzer Division to be named after those who fought bravely, without having lost their principles, even if the SS does not exists this group is the only one which retains such denomination, honorifically.

Nowadays 5SS is the best equipped armored group of Martens' Germany, always featuring the latest tanks, technologies, and techniques. They are the most highly ranked Panzer Division, and during battle Martens actually fights alongside them, a tradition which carries over from Deutschland's wars of unification, known as the Silver Revolution.

The soldiers are trained extensively and thoroughly, on a daily basis, and if needed be they are taught to fight outside of their tanks. Many times they have proven to be Martens' most powerful weapon, and during the Revolution these were the very first troops to break through and enter Berlin to liberate the German people.

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