The 2011 Midwayan coup d'état is a successful coup d'état made by North Korea on the Union of Midway. It occurred around Midday on May 20, 2011, the same day of the 2011 United States of JBR coup d'état. It consisted of the kidnapping of the Midwayan Emperor Zabuza Hashimoto and the Midwayan Empress Rinko Hashimoto. The coup is linked to the Great Pacific War and the United Pacific Aligned Coalition's attempt to usurp the Union of Midway, United States of JBR, and the rest of the Sunshine Treaty Organization Pact (STOP) to prevent "corruption" in the Pacific Ocean.

The coup was a partial, but overall success for the North Koreans. When Zabuza and Rinko had sneaked out of the Union of Midway Capitol Building to have a dinner alone, North Korea began the operation. Prior to that date, North Korea had moved all spies that were located in the South Korean region of the Pacific Empire to the Union of Midway, amassing about 150 spies in the Union of Midway. The Midwayan government didn't realize this because they had disguised themselves as citizens of the Pacific Empire that were simply on vacation. When North Korea began the operation, the Union of Midway Capitol Building was secure by the North Korean spies, which was simultaneously accompanied by a rescue of Daniel Bullock, and the kidnapping of Zabuza and Rinko. An announcement was then made by the North Koreans of the fall of the Union of Midway and the rise of the Democratic People's Republic of Midway (DPRM). In response to this, the Union Resistance, a group that was made in the territories of the former Midwayan Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (MSFSR) in order to resist the MSFSR, which was organizing a disbandment cancelled their disbandment and came back together to resist the DPRM. They immediately set their new leader as former Midwayan President Ulysses Lee, and put other former Midwayan government officials in high ranking positions.

The DPRM, lead by Daniel Bullock, seized control of the Midwayan media and announced its existence from MHK, which was broadcasting worldwide using internet streaming. Soon after the DPRM demanded recognition from all STOP signatories. When the Prussian Empire refused, the DPRM and North Korea jointly declared war on STOP. Many STOP nations reacted hostilely to this, many of them demanded that the Union of Midway be restored. Notably, the Pacific Empire stated that if Zabuza and Rinko weren't returned within 12 hours they would bombard the DPRM and North Korea from space. The DPRM and North Korea responded to this with a video.

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