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2011 Bekolanish Protests and Riots
Date May 29th 2011 - present
Location Republic of Bekolan

Hostile citizens begin rioting, demanding that taxes are decreased

Status Ongoing
UvRHr.png Republic of Bekolan Hostile Citizens
Michael Kenny
Richard McAleese
Gregory Kelly
John Green
Ben Cole
Derek McCourt
James Frost
2000 police officers 15,000 demonstrators
Casualties and losses
7 Injured 2 Dead
70 Injured
275 captured

The 2011 Bekolanish protest and riots was a major uprising in the Republic of Bekolan. The riot began in the early hours of the 29th May and ended on June 3rd.

Backround[edit | edit source]

At around 7am on the 29th May around 8,000 protesters and rioters gathered at Central Square Park in the capital, Sherston. By about 9am the riot had attracted about 2,000 more rioters and by Mid-Day the numbers were up at 15,000. The Police only had a minor presence of about 100 officers hoping the protest would eventually dissolve but when the rioters began destroying infrastructure and setting up barricades, 2000 Police officers fully equipped with riot gear were sent in. Some rioters were equipped with knifes and firearms.

Timeline[edit | edit source]

  • 29th May - Riots begin
  • 29th May - Rioters begin destroying infrastructure and attacking the Police
  • 30th May - The rioters burn down a nightclub in the capital, Sherston.
  • 1st June - A man fires a gun at the Police but is quickly taken down and arrested.
  • 1st June - The rioters burn down a bank in Central Square Park.
  • 2nd June - Most rioters have either been captured or have returned home
  • 3rd June - The riot ends
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