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Mass Rebellion[]

On the 31'st of January 2009, a Rebellion occurred in the western area of the Dread Empire, though at first it seemed minor two days later on the 2'nd of Feb. a message was sent through to Calverta from Hannover, The message was very informative and indeed alerted TDE's leadership that it wasn't simply a small rebellion but a full out confederacy. The rebels branded themselves the Confederate Reich Of The West, though the instant the war started it was apparent the Confederates were destined for failure as in the first two days when Confederate leadership had expected their blitz to work that most of the Empire would be under there control.

First Battles[]

On the 5'th of Feb. the first Confederate attack on Loyalist territory came, on the city of Kiel. The Confederate forces there numbered 7567 men in total whereas the city's defenders only had a garrision force of 900 on duty personeel and some ragtag militia formed from the citys police and other utility workers. The attack started at about 11:50 AM when confederate infantry assaulted the towns outer districts but came under heavy fire from entrenched Loyalist infatry and there advance was mostly staled, except for the forces under LT. Gen. Hamsel who's forces had managed to breach into part of the city from the west and were driving towards the Loyalist HQ at the City Hall. The Confederate advance was halted only 4 blocs away from City Hall by the 11. Infentarie Division with only 47 men and one SdKfz. 223 held off the Confederates and forced them back to the outer area of the city.