National Flag
From the North, the sun is rising
Capital City Rochester
Government Type Communism Communism

Nation Information Edit

The nation of 13371574n began its life as a commune of like minded individuals who set out to make a Utopian society. As the nation grew thousands more flocked to its banner of Freedom and Equality, and 13371574n grew, expanding early to the boundaries of the Faroe Islands. Once wasteland, the Faroes are now a modern metropolis, an oasis in the barren wastes of the Arctic. One can hardly set foot on the Faroes without being in 13371574n, and one can hardly set foot on 13371574n without beig amazed at the success of communism and all it's glories.

13371574n's SuccessesEdit

The nation of 13371574 recently fought in the Winter War on the side of its alliance, the League. I's victories and it's defeats where few due to the wars short length. However here are its accomplishments thus far:

  • The soldiers of 13371574n sent the GOON member nation South Wessex spiraling into anarchy, along with helping destroy the nation Eclipse.
  • A rogue who dared attack another CDS member was attacked and their military was destroyed, with their capitalistic leaders executed.
  • The brave people of 13371574n managed to fight a nation twice their strength, Lord SPECTRE, into a stalemate.

These victories, although they emboldened the people of 13371574n, provided many lessons for the People to learn from. As of this printing the nation is recovering from the war and is repairing it's roads and powerlines, restoring the infrastructure of the nation. Furthermore, the GOON attackers, helped by truckloads of Kwanzas, destroyed many libraries that detailed our proud nation's technological advancements. However the People are recovering from these heathens attacks and are leading 13371574n on to a better tomorrow.

Zombie ApocalypseEdit

Then 13371574n suddenly dissapeared for no apparent reason. (The admin deleted it)

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