Gß icon
Introduced 2008
Type ccTLD
Status Active
Registry Großgermanian Ministry for National Unity and Großgermanian Heritage
Intended use Entities connected with Großgermania
Actual use Largely limited to government, military, and diplomatic use
Registration restrictions Must be a government, military, or diplomatic entity
Website http://rmnege.reg.gß/
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Where it is unavailable or not desired, the name may be represented as .gss.

.gß is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Großgermania. Due to the setup of existing internet infrastructure, .gß is interchangable with .gss. The domain is managed by the Großgermanian Ministry of Communications, with most private registration being prohibited.

As the domain is interchangable with .gss, it is the only three-letter ccTLD ever to be approved by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). This stems from previous IANA and ISO decisions to allow non-Latin and extended-Latin characters to be used in domain names and ISO codes, respectively, resulting in Gß becoming Großgermania's ISO 3166-1 code, and, subsequently, it's ccTLD. .gß was joined on 6 May 2010 by three other internationalized country codes: ‏السعودية.‎, ‏مصر.‎, and ‏امارات.‎.

Prior to the sovereignty of Großgermania, top-level domains in use included .de (Federal Republic of Germany), .dd (German Democratic Republic), .dk (Denmark), .lu (Grand Duchy of Luxembourg), .li (Liechtenstein), .ch (Switzerland), .pl (Poland), .at (Austria), .ru (Russia), .cz (Czech Republic), .cs (Czechoslovakia), and .fr (France, as the Free Republic of Alsace-Lorraine was never issued its own ccTLD). .eu, the TLD for the European Union, was also used. Many of these have now been incorporated as principal second-level domains for the Constituent Countries of Großgermania: .de.gß (Germany), .dk.gß (Denmark), .lu.gß (Luxembourg), .li.gß (Liechtenstein), and .ch.gß (Helvetica). .al.gß and .ki.gß were created for Alsace-Lorraine and the Kanarische Inseln respectively. Third-level subdomains also exist for each of the forty-six mainland provinces.

The .reg.gß subdomain is owned and reserved for use by the Imperial Government of Großgermania. Subdomains of .reisen.gß are preferred for registration by travel and accommodation businesses, such as Germanialuft, who owns the domain itself.

As Großgermania is subject to some of the harshest anti-technology laws in the world, private registration of domain names is generally impossible, due to internet access restrictions. .gß is largely reserved for use by government and military agencies, as well as for diplomatic purposes. Some independent and government-run tourism agencies have been allowed to register .gß domain names.

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