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Introduced 2009
Type ccTLD
Status Active
Registry Agence disparuenne pour les enregistrements de domaine
Intended use Entities connected with Disparu
Registration restrictions There are Disparuean presence requirements for registrants

.dp is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Disparu. The domain is controlled and managed by the Ministry of Science and Technology. Registrants of .dp domains must meet Disparuean presence requirements as defined by the Ministry. The domain is managed by the Ministry's Disparuean Domain Registration Agency (French: Agence disparuenne pour les enregistrements de domaine).

The domain was assigned by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority in 2009, shortly after Disparu's secession from Canada; the Canadian Government's lack of recognition of the new nation, however, led them to protest that Disparu should continue to use the Canadian ccTLD, .ca. Prior to the secession of Disparu from Canada, Quebec (Disparu's predecessor) used both .ca and as its domain.

Second-level domainsEdit

Each department has a second-level domain assigned by the Ministry of Science and Technology. Although these domains are generally open to the public (under the same guidelines as .dp, albeit with more presence restrictions), these second-level domains are primarily used by local governments, institutions (such as universities) and organizations associated with them, as most Disparuean individuals, companies and organizations prefer to register domains under .dp, .com, or another generic top-level domain.

Department Domain
Abitibi-Témiscamingue .at.dp
Bas-Saint-Laurent .bl.dp
Centre-du-Disparu .cd.dp
Chaudière-Appalaches .ca.dp
Côte-Nord .cn.dp
Eeyou Istchee .ei.dp
Estrie .es.dp
Gaspésie .ga.dp
Jamésie .jm.dp
Kativik .ka.dp
Lanaudière .la.dp
Laurentides .lr.dp
Mauricie .ma.dp
Montérégie .mo.dp
Outaouais .ou.dp
Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean .sl.dp
Ville de Férin .fe.dp
Ville de Montréal .mr.dp
Ville de Québec .qc.dp


.gd.dp is a domain name owned and operated by the Government of Disparu. It is a common misconception that the domain '.gd.dp' is a second-level domain under which the Ministry of Science and Technology will allow Government of Disparu registrations. .gd.dp is actually a standard domain like all other .dp domains, and the Ministry of Science and Technology does not register domain names under .gd.dp directly.

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