Bobogoobo ccTLD
Introduced Jan. 2011
Type ccTLD
Status Active
Registry Ministry of Internal Affairs, Department of Development
Intended use Any matters exclusively relating to Bobogoobo
Actual use Mainly government and military uses
Registration restrictions Must meet requirements of intended use

The .bb country code top-level domain was created in January 2011 when O'Goobo realized that the country's Internet infrastructure, both physical and virtual, was growing too large to keep organized on the global .com TLD. It is mainly used to provide increased security and organization for government and military organizations in Bobogoobo, although it is growing to include some commercial uses. For example, the tourism industry (what little there is of it - not many foreigners are allowed through the borders) can charge tourists extra for use of Bobogoobo's internet, as it is one of the fastest in the area.

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