This alliance has disbanded.

The alliance of ----- was founded after the nation of KrakenRouge and the nation of Too Manypuppies led nations from the region of Anarchy from the game Jennifer Government: NationStates to CyberNations, as a way to spread knowledge on Anarcho-whateverism.


'- - - - -' an alliance of Epic Proportions.


Equally Important membersEdit

Alongside KrakenRouge and Too Manypuppies, Nations like ProtoConsilience, Gumdalia, Carmine Eye, Agora, and Mutualistan helped to form the Alliance.


There has never been one specified ideology of -----, but Its members are all Anarchist base. Ideology ranges from Anarcho-Communist, Anarcho-syndicalist, and Anarcho-Primitivists. The one ideology all agree they do not like are Anarcho-Capitalism.

Religion and SpiritualityEdit

There is no, and will never be an official Religion of -----, but many are announced Atheists.


Too date, There has never been any Wars in -----, and many have accepted lifestyles of Pacifism.

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