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Öskölömi (formerly Ust'-Kulom, Russ. Эскэлэми) is a Uralican city that is the county seat of Central Uralica, but in spite of being the county seat, it is only the second-largest settlement in the county, with Vuktyl being larger. It was formerly smaller than Troitsko-Pechorsk as well, but it has since outgrown that settlement.

Its initial importance to Uralica was that of a border outpost, although this would change with Uralica's growth. Still, military production is a large part of the city's economy. It is for this reason that it suffered an unprovoked attack by Sexy Soviets in the Second Ghost Wars of 2009. 104 civilian lives were lost in the attack.

The largest industrial sector in the city, though, is mining. Iron and silver can both be found nearby. However, with there also being rivers going through the area (the area sits in the Pechora basin), there are strict environmental measures in place as well. Metallurgy, machine-building, food production, and hi-tech consumer goods production are also found in the area.


As the Finnish name would imply, the population of the city is mostly Finnish, although there are a few Russians and Komi in the city as well.

Even with the city's rapid expansion, there are still some well-kept older buildings in the city centre, most notably two Orthodox churches - The Church of Peter and Paul, and the Church of the Resurrection (not to be confused with the one in Pazhga). That aside, there is a notable Komi-ethnographic museum and a multilingual movie theatre complex that offers films in Finnish, Russian, English, and Komi.


Football (Soccer)[]


  • Öskölömen Palloklubi


  • Dynamo Öskölömi

Other Pro/Semi-Pro[]

  • Spartak Öskölömi
  • Metallurg Öskölömi
  • Torpeedo Öskölömi
  • Atlantis Öskölömi
  • Progress Öskölömi
  • Finnsky Klub Öskölömi
  • Zenit Öskölömi
  • UralTek Öskölömi
  • Turan Öskölömi
  • UralFood Öskölömi
  • Mashinostroitel Öskölömi
  • Bolak Öskölömi
  • Zheleznik Öskölömi
  • Serebrennik Öskölömi

Neighbourhoods and Suburbs[]

  • Paspom
  • Nagornyy
  • Kadyu-Pom
  • Kebanyol
  • Nosim
  • Lesnoy