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Ägerce (form. Agryz, Finn. Äkersee, Russ./Bshk. Агэрже, Chuv. Agėrśe) is a Uralican city, located in an area of Udmurtiya South that was once a part of Tatarstan, but was ceded to Uralica on 13 January 2010. It sits just south of Highway UH-4A, with connector road UH-4C meeting the highway at nearby town Malaya Purga.

First mentioned in 1646, Ägerce was built up starting in the early 20th century, around a railway station on the line between Kazan' and Yekaterinburg. Only three years after this station's opening in 1915, it got caught up in the Russian Revolution's Udmurt front (then called the Izhevsk-Votkinsk Front) and would eventually become part of the Soviet Union.

The production of railway materials and equipment, and food production, were Ägerce's two main industries throughout the Soviet and Old Russian eras, but nowadays, there is also heavy presence from the machine-building and metallurgy sectors. The name was changed from Agryz to the Tatar name of Ägerce in early 2010 after its annexation.


Ägerce, not surprisingly, possesses the largest number of Tatars of any city in Uralica, with no fewer than 70% of the population claiming Tatar heritage. Russians, Bashkirs, Udmurts, Chuvash, and Finns also make up parts of the population. Another fact about Agryz is that it is the only city in Uralica with mosques that were not destroyed during the Cataclysm or the Great Wars. About a quarter of Uralica's Muslim population lives in Ägerce alone, with most Islamic Tatars having moved from the area upon transfer of the land to Uralica. The majority of the Tatars in Uralica are Christians, although the Muslim Tatars have the same rights and privileges that any other Uralican has.

Besides the two mosques, there is a historical museum and a Tatar-ethnographic museum, plus a Turkic Cultural Centre, which is the largest outside of Chuvashia. There is also a beautiful Orthodox cathedral in the northern portion of the city.


Football (Soccer)[]


  • Neftçi Ägerce
  • Torpedo Agryz (to be renamed after season's end)

Other Pro/Semi-Pro[]

  • FK Ägerce
  • Dinamo Ägerce
  • Spartak Ägerce
  • Zheleznik Ägerce
  • Metallurg Ägerce
  • Mashinostroitel Ägerce
  • UralFood Ägerce
  • Bolak Ägerce
  • Transit Ägerce
  • Rapid Ägerce
  • Progress Ägerce
  • Tatar Klub Ägerce
  • Gänclärbirliyi Ägerce
  • Yug Ägerce
  • Udmurtiya Ägerce
  • Zenit Ägerce
  • Al-Islam FK Ägerce


  • Ägerce RMS


  • Ägerce BK

Rugby Sevens[]

  • Ägerce Khans


  • South Uralica Clay Courts


  • Udmurtiya Equestrian Grounds

Neighbourhoods and Suburbs[]

  • Bagrash-Bigro (subordinate village)