"The Dutch are also Germanic" Accords

Michael von Preußen
Flag of Prussia

Treaty Type: ToF
Treaty Signed: 15 February 2011
Treaty Status: Active

The "The Dutch are also Germanic" Accords is a ToF between Xoindotnler and Michael von Preußen. It was announced 15 February 2011.

Text of the TreatyEdit

Article OneEdit

Both signatories agree to never attack each other as long as these Accords are agreed upon, or in any other way or cause a kernel panic.

Article TwoEdit

Embassies will be visited frequently and kept tidy and up to date. Failure to do so wouldn't be that bad.

Article ThreeEdit

Information should be distributed freely as long as it isn't top secret stuff that we do not want to know. We sure as hell do not have to know each time a nuke is developed.

Article FourEdit

Both signatories will be respectful to each other and their alliance; a grudge to someone isn't something what we want. People should be polite most of the time, so we will be a good example.

Article FiveEdit

Both signatories also agree that we would never ever ever make a nonsense announcement of the smallest change in government just to get attention, nor would we make announcements with misleading titles.

Article SixEdit

There should at least be one lengthy IRC conversation once a month, just so we know everything is still going alright.

Article SevenEdit

Both signatories agree that they have different political and spiritual beliefs and that it's probably in the best interest that we respect that.

Article EightEdit

It's only possible to cancel when both signatories have had enough of these Accords.


  • Xoindotnler, ruler of Geconfedereerde Socialistische Staten van Rjvkmsc province of the kingdom of Avalon
  • Michael, Prince of Prussia, by the Grace of God Emperor of Greater Germania, King of Germany, Consul of the Lower Zorge Valley, Lord Protector of Maiden's Isle, Perpetual Vicar of National Unionism in the Germanic Domains
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