"Random Assaults make Good Cookies" Treaty

Imperial Assault Alliance (First)
Random Insanity Alliance

Treaty Type: ToA
Treaty Signed: 07/18/2007
Treaty Canceled: 04/2008
Treaty Status: Canceled

The "Random Assaults make Good Cookies" Treaty was a Treaty of Amity between the Imperial Assault Alliance and the Random Insanity Alliance announced on July 18, 2007. The treaty was later privately canceled by the Random Insanity Alliance in April 2008 due to a lack of communication between the signatories.

"Random Assaults make Good Cookies" TreatyEdit

Whatever comes before the amble, whateverEdit

The Imperial Assault Alliance and the Random Insanity alliance, hereby known as the IAA and RIA respectively, reaffirm that they are brothers from different mothers, and that they will continue to have weekly drunkenings till the day they die.

Article 1Edit

Neither member of either signatory may declare war on each other in any way, help the enemy of the other signatory (whether in military or aid) or espionage. Should this happen, the other signatories' boner will fail and this treaty will have been in vane. Also, make sure our parents this is discussed first, eh?

Article 2Edit

How strangely erotic

Article 3Edit

In the case of one signatory getting into the war, the other signatory alliance is encouraged to give moral support.

Article D FloridaEdit

Article 5Edit

The IAA and the RIA must be good friends and place nice. arguing and constructive critisizm is allowed, but no flaming, or else.

Article 6Edit

Funding has been forwarded to amazing IAA and RIA scientists who will invent a machine which will automatically install a witty phrase in this article.

Article 7Edit

48 hours to cancel, or somebody's part of anatomy will end up on a platter.

Signed for RIAEdit

  • Moth ~ Leader
  • Azural ~ Head of Foreign Affairs
  • Kaiser ~ Head of Internal Affairs
  • cctmsp13 ~ Economic Advisor

Signed for IAAEdit

  • Chimaera, Prime Minister
  • Mandrivia, Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • AbSoLuTiOn, Minister of Domestic Affairs
  • Chaos Armed, War Minister
  • Clone, Princeps Senatus
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