The "NGC 2359" Treaty
The Thor's Helmet Nebula
Valhalla - Nebula-X MDP

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Treaty Type: MnDP
Treaty Signed: September 26, 2010
Treaty Terminated: July 6, 2012
Treaty Status: Defunct

Text of the Treaty Edit

Article 1Edit

Nebula-X and VÅLHÅLLÅ do hereby acknowledge a mutual relationship of peace, defense and trust between their respective alliances.

Article 2Edit

Nebula-X and VÅLHÅLLÅ shall refrain from any actions that would compromise the safety and security of each others alliance.

Article 3Edit

Should either alliance receive intelligence that would indicate actions being taken by a third party would place either alliance in harms way, they are required to share this intelligence with the other alliance.

Article 4Edit

Should Nebula-X or VÅLHÅLLÅ come under attack, the other is required to join battle against the offending alliance. The Alliance that is attacked as part of the original offense, can choose to waive this obligation. Should this clause of mutual defense be activated as (1) a result of retaliatory treaty obligations against signatories offensive military actions and/or as (2) an obligation by signatories to enter a war on behalf of another treaty, then this clause becomes optional..

Article 5Edit

Nebula-X and VÅLHÅLLÅ do not believe in spying, bullying, or intimidation as methods of achieving a goal. They also recognize that one signatory should not bear the consequences of the asshatery, idiocy or foolishness the other signatory may exhibit and which lead to a war. Should either signatory be attacked because of the aforementioned, defense of that signatory is optional.

Article 6Edit

Nebula-X and VÅLHÅLLÅ pledge to attempt to reconcile any disagreements between their alliances diplomatically before any further action is taken.

Article 7Edit

This treaty can be canceled by either party so long as section 6 has been satisfied. Cancellation requires 72 hour notice. After the 72 hour cool down period has expired, this treaty becomes a non renewable Non Aggression Pact with a duration of 6 days.

Article 8Edit

This treaty will come into review 60 days from the initial signing. Should the treaty be upheld after this initial renewal, then the treaty will be up for renewal every 90 days following. There is a grace period of 7 days for renewal. This grace period can be waived by canceling this treaty as delineated under section 7. Failure to renew within the 7 day grace period automatically activates a mutual cancellation and this treaty becomes a non renewable Non Aggression Pact with a duration of 6 days.

Article 9Edit

In the case of either signatory being discovered utilizing the tactics detailed in clause 5, or acting in violation of the spirit of this treaty, an immediate review of this treaty will be conducted as detailed in Item 8.


Signed for ValhallaEdit

Signed for Nebula-XEdit

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