"Mr Damsky Has A Little Sack" Protectorate

Multicolored Cross-X Alliance
Little Big Alliance

Treaty Type: Protectorate
Treaty Signed: September 11, 2009
Treaty Inactive: December 25, 2009
Treaty Status: Inactive

"Mr Damsky Has A Little Sack" Protectorate was a protectorate between the Multicolored Cross-X Alliance and the Little Big Alliance announced on September 11, 2009.

Article I: SovereigntyEdit

Both alliances shall remain sovereign entities.

Article II: ProtectionEdit

If the LBA (Little Big Alliance) comes under attack from any outside force, the MCXA (Multicolored Cross-X Alliance) is obligated to defend them.

Article III: Senate CandidateEdit

LBA is encouraged to have their nations vote for senate candidates of the MCXA's choosing.

Article IV: TreatiesEdit

LBA will inform the MCXA of their intent to sign any treaty, which the MCXA must approve before said treaty enters into effect.

Article V: MDoAPEdit

LBA has an MDoAP with MCXA.

Article VI: AggressionEdit

LBA is must inform the MCXA of any wars they plan to take a part in 72 hours before declaration, which the MCXA must approve before hostilities may commence.

Article VII: CancellationEdit

There must be 48 hours notice of cancellation before this agreement is terminated.

Article VIII: Periodic ReviewEdit

This treaty will be reviewed 3 months from the date it was signed and will then be dropped or upgraded. However LBA and MCXA can decide to keep the treaty as it was signed in effect.


Signed for the Multicolored Cross-X Alliance:

Signed for the Little Big Alliance:

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